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Minnesota To Double Biodiesel Standards In 2018

Minnesota’s New Biodiesel Mandate Causes Controversy

Minnesota's new 10 percent biodiesel requirement is highest in the nation, good for farmers but angering the state trucking association with concerns about price and quality
Safe Haven Rule Explained

Safe Haven Rule Explained

The FMCSA’s Safe Haven rule is perhaps one of the FMCSA’s most misunderstood and misquoted rules. Drivers often assume the rule applies to safe and available parking, but that’s not always the case.
Judge Rules Drivers are Entitled to Breaks

Federal Hearing Renews Employee’s Rights to Paid Breaks

A federal appeals involving truck drivers from Penske ruled that drivers are entitled to paid breaks and rest periods, regardless of a previous federal deregulation exempting trucking companies from the requirement.

N. Smithfield, R.I. Bans Heavy Traffic By Town Hall

Officials in the town of the town of North Smithfield, R.I will soon begin enforcing a new ban on heavy traffic for vehicles weighing more than four tons in the Slatersville Historic District around town hall.

Police in Prosper, TX Push for Increased Truck Ban

On August 12, the Prosper Police Department in Prosper, TX will be pushing to ban large trucks on an increased number of roads and side streets, asking the Town Council to consider six "no through truck" areas within town limits.
Idling Laws

Idling Laws By State

Idling laws tend to differ greatly across the United States, and can be a little tricky to remember (especially in states with larger, harshly regulated cities)! Check out this quick reference map to find idling laws fast!
Feds: Truck Driver In Double Fatality Crash Hid Diabetes Diagnosis

Judge Rules Prime’s Same-Sex Trainer Policy Discriminates Against Women

A federal judge this week agreed with the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's claim that the trucking company Prime Inc. discriminated against female truck drivers through their same-sex training requirements.

Wisconsin Officials Endorse Local “Wheel Tax”

Some communities in Wisconsin are considering the addition of a new vehicle registration tax called the Wheel Tax to offset the increasing cost of road repairs and maintenance.

New Texas Transportation Laws Take Effect Sept. 1

The Texas Department of Public Safety announced some of the laws state legislators voted on a year ago but finally take effect today, September 1.

New California Law Says Drivers Must Give Bikes Three Feet

Starting on Tuesday, September 16th - drivers in California must now keep a 3-foot buffer-zone when passing bicycles.
Delaware Toll Dodge I95

Delaware Autorities Target Truck Drivers Dodging I-95 Tolls

From now until the end of January, Delaware state police and Newark authorities will be pulling trucks over on Delaware 896.
Log Book Quiz

QUIZ: Are You A Coloring Book Pro?

Would you consider yourself to be a log book expert? Take this quiz to see how you measure up!
Hotshot hauler to FMCSA: Can I install sleeper berth in pickup?

FMCSA Initiates Audit Of CMV Driver Restart Study

Congress has suspended the FMCSA’s enforcement of the 34-hour restart rule in the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act of 2015. During the suspension, the Agency will conduct a study over the impact the rule has on driver health, operational safety, and fatigue.
Ohio DOT mulls closing I-77 rest stop

Ohio Pushes To Remind Drivers To Move Over

This month, the Ohio State Highway Patrol is making a big push to remind motorists about Ohio's Move Over Law.
Hotshot hauler to FMCSA: Can I install sleeper berth in pickup?

Deadline Extended for Lithium Battery Ground Shippers

The US Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) this week extended the deadline for manufacturers, suppliers, and shippers to comply with new lithium battery ground transport regulations.The new deadline for shippers is August 7, 2015—six months beyond the original, recently passed deadline.

Illinois Lawmakers Pursue Stricter Penalties For Truck Drivers

State Representative John Cabello introduced new legislation that would stiffen the punishment for truck drivers who are in violation of safety regulations. Harsher Penalties for Driving While Fatigued Cabello's proposed law comes after last month's conviction...