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Ultra LT Hitch

Defective Truck Hitches Suspected On 6000 Trucks

After an unusually high number of trailer separations, the NHTSA has begun an investigation into Ultra LT hitches manufactured by Fontaine Fifth Wheel of Trussville, Alabama.
Operation Truck Stop

“Operation Truck Stop” To Crack Down On Truckers

After an influx of complaints from motorists about unsafe driving by truckers, Indiana police will be targeting truck drivers in Porter, LaPorte and St. Joseph Counties on U.S. 20 and State Road 2 with a campaign called "Operation Truck Stop".
Fireworks Haulers Granted HOS Exemption Through 2020

Fireworks Haulers Temporarily Exempt From HOS Rules

Fireworks haulers are the latest category of truck drivers to be exempt from the HOS rules by the FMCSA.
18 Year Old CDL

New Bill Would Allow 18-Year-Olds To Drive Interstate

Last week, a new bill was introduced in the Senate to study the effects of allowing 18-year-olds to drive trucks across state borders.

New Law Targets Over Height Trucks on Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel

A new law affecting truckers traveling through the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel in Virginia went into effect on Wednesday.
Trucking Execs Plead Guilty To Conspiracy Charges

Truckers Oppose Appointment System At Port Of Virginia

A group of local trucking companies told the Virginia Port Authority that their plan to use a container terminal appointment system to decrease wait times isn't good enough.
FMCSA Reform

Senator Attempts To Fix FMCSA’s Flaws With Sweeping Reform

Senator Deb Fischer has introduced legislation called the Truck Safety Reform Act that she hopes will help to combat the FMCSA's controversial policies and regulatory flaws with reform.
HOS Exemption Request Denied

Trucker Writes Own HOS Rules, FMCSA Denies Them

The FMCSA has denied an HOS rules exemption request from Washington state trucker who says that the current regulations force him to drive while sleepy.
Port Of New Orleans Truck Drivers

Truckers Protest Port Of New Orleans Policy That Can Cost Them $300 A Day

Dozens of truck drivers protested on Monday at the Port of New Orleans, claiming that they are sick of being forced to transport damaged goods from overseas.
NHTSA Failure

Report Says NHTSA “Too Troubled” To Do Its Job

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was blasted in a new report released today by the Transportation Department, which said that the agency's poor management and lack of trained staff members has had deadly consequences on the highway.
Bridge Toll Alternative

Republicans Offer Alternative To Tolling Truckers

After outrage from the trucking community, Rhode Island Republicans have offered up an alternative plan to counter Governor Gina Raimondo's proposal to toll truckers to the tune of $100 million per year to pay for...

C.R. England Commercial Learner’s Permit Holders Can Drive Without CDL Holder In Front Seat

The FMCSA has granted an exemption that will allow C.R. England commercial learner's permit holders to drive without a CDL holder accompanying them in the front seat. C.R. England applied for the exemption as a...

Santa Barbara Denies Exxon Mobile Request To Haul Oil By Truck

Exxon Mobile's request for an emergency permit to use tanker trucks to haul crude oil from a Las Flores Canyon Facility along Highway 101 to a refinery 70 miles away has been denied, in part because of protesters who are concerned about safety.
DOT Report

ATA Blasts DOT For Inconclusive Truck Size And Weight Report

The ATA is condemning the DOT for claiming that it does not have enough data to recommend increasing the length and weight of trucks, saying that the timing is suspect and likely politically motivated. ATA President...
House Nixes Increased Insurance Requirements

House Stops FMCSA From Increasing Insurance Requirements For Trucking

Small trucking companies rallied against the FMCSA's attempt to raise financial insurance requirements -- and the House heard them loud and clear. Trucking insiders said that the increased insurance costs were based on the costs...
Electronic Stability Control Rule

NHTSA Mandates Electronic Stability Contol Systems For Trucks

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration finalized a rule yesterday (June 3) that will require all heavy to trucks to have electronic stability control systems to reduce crashes. Secretary of transportation Anthony Foxx applauded the new rule,...
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