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Texas Truck Stops

Man admits to hiding humans in semis at Texas truck stops without drivers’ knowledge

Federal authorities say that a man has pled guilty to charges related to a human smuggling scheme that took place at south Texas truck stops.

Anheuser Busch slapped with $500,000 CARB fine

St. Louis-based beer maker Anheuser Busch will have to pay half a million dollars for failing to comply with California air pollution standards.
Speed Limiters

Senators revive plan to cap semi truck speed limits at 65 MPH nationwide

Yesterday, two senators reintroduced controversial semi truck "speed limiter" legislation that they say will improve highway safety and save lives.
New HOS Date

FMCSA says you’ll have to wait a little longer for those ‘flexible’ HOS changes

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has listed a new date for the publication of its highly anticipated changes to truck driver Hours of Service (HOS) regulations -- after it missed the...
Student Driver

CDL instructors could give skills tests to their own students, under new FMCSA proposal

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is eyeing a new plan that would allow third-party CDL instructors to administer skills tests to their own students.
Oregon Truckers

Hundreds of truckers convoy against emissions bill

A massive group of truckers, loggers, farmers, and their family members descended on the state capitol in Oregon today to protest a controversial emissions bill.
Man accused of killing motorcyclists with pickup flipped a semi truck a few weeks ago

Man accused of killing motorcyclists with pickup flipped a semi truck a few weeks...

In the wake of a tragic crash that claimed the lives of seven motorcyclists in New Hampshire last week, new details are emerging about the driving record of the man accused of causing the crash.
FMCSA Warning

FMCSA issues reminder for truckers using AOBRDs

The Department of Transportation is warning drivers using a grandfathered Hours of Service recording device that they are running out of time to make the switch to an approved ELD device.
ELD Fatalities

Fatal crashes involving trucks increase after ELDs

New data from federal transportation officials indicates that fatal crashes involving commercial vehicles increased in the first year after the ELD Mandate went into effect -- even though traffic fatalities in general went down.
3 Minute Idling Law

Dozens of truckers ticketed for idling during enforcement sweep

New Jersey officials issued dozens of citations to commercial vehicle drivers who were idling during an enforcement patrol last month.
Trooper in a Truck Chicago

Troopers are patrolling Chicago streets in a big rig to spot distracted drivers

The Illinois State Police announced that they are bringing their "Trooper in a Truck" ride-along program to the Chicago area.
Sioux Tribe

Sioux tribe forces semi truck off of reservation

Sioux tribal police forced a truck driver off of a South Dakota reservation after accusing him of illegally hauling materials for the Keystone XL pipeline.
Canada ELD

Canada officially announces their own ELD Mandate

Canadian authorities have announced that their country's commercial vehicle drivers will be required to use Electronic Logging Device technology within the next two years.
Falcon Transport Co

Pilot sues shut-down trucking company over $800,000 in unpaid fuel charges

A recently shuttered trucking company is facing more bad news as truck stop giant Pilot Travel Centers has filed suit over hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid fuel charges.
Alabama Human Trafficking

Alabama to require mandatory human trafficking training for new CDL holders

Lawmakers in Alabama have passed a bill that will require all new Commercial Drivers License (CDL) applicants to complete a human trafficking training course.
Rhode Island

Rhode Island finds over 800 violations during Roadcheck

Rhode Island State Police say that they uncovered hundreds of truck and driver violations during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) International Roadcheck campaign.

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