Laws & Regulations

Stay up up to date on the latest laws & regulations that impact the trucking industry. Know your rights by staying informed on the issues and by being involved with our community of drivers.

Mandatory TAT Training In Ohio

Mandatory Human Trafficking Training For Ohio Truck Drivers

Ohio has become the first state to require CDL drivers to receive training on preventing and reporting human trafficking. Starting in January 2016, all new CDL drivers will be required to take a one-hour training...
o Trucks In Pennsylvania Township

Pennsylvania Township To Put Brakes On Truck Traffic After Resident Complaints

Upper Macungie Township in Pennsylvania has approved an ordinance that will restrict truck traffic after residents complained about having to deal with big trucks on their roads. The new ordinance forbids trucks longer than 30...
Cops Pretend To Be Panhandlers

Police Pose As Panhandlers To Nab Texting Drivers

Police in Somersworth, New Hampshire, posed as panhandlers, catching 96 drivers using cellphones during a 5-day sting operation. Since 2014, it has been illegal to use a mobile electronic device while driving except in the case...
Proposed Bill Would Protect Drivers Who Hit Roadway Protesters

Bill To Require Auto-Braking Systems On All New Trucks

A Georgia congressman has proposed a bill that would require all new trucks to come with automatic braking systems. The action comes in the wake of two accidents on I-16 in southern Georgia this spring...
Asbestos Lawsuit

Trucking Company To Pay $150,000 For Illegal Asbestos Dumping

A judge has ordered a Salinas trucking company to pay $150,000 for illegally disposing of asbestos -- even though the company says that they did not know that they were transporting the hazardous material. The...
Hoover Club

Indiana State Police Uses Facebook To Connect To Truckers

An Indiana State Police officer is using Facebook as a way to work with -- not against -- the local trucking community. Officer Brent Hoover created the Hoover Club page on Facebook as a way...
FMCSA Moves Back Deadlines

FMCSA To Push Back Deadlines For E-Logs And Other Truck Regulations

Only days after announcing a top 5 list of priorities and plans for the rest of the year, former FMCSA head Annette Sandberg says that they will push back the deadlines on several trucking regulation changes.
California Offers Truckers A Tempting Prize In Exchange For Diesel Tax Hike

CARB Officers Spring Surprise 7 Hour Inspection Operation On Truckers

Enforcement agents with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) caused trouble for some truckers when they performed surprise inspections on trucks as they crossed the San Joaquin River on Highway 4 yesterday.
FMCSA Priorities

FMCSA Outlines Top 5 Priorities And Plans For 2015

With only three full months left in 2015, the FMCSA has made public a list of their top five priorities for the rest of the year.

San Francisco Releases Required Safety Video For City Truckers

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has recently released a video to help train truck drivers on safe urban driving practices -- and for many truckers, it will be required viewing. Specifically, the video is...
Heavier Trucks

Proposed Bill Would Allow 91,000 Pound Trucks With Extra Axle

A new proposed bill would allow states to choose to increase the maximum truck weight from 80,000 pounds to 91,000 with a sixth axle. The Safe, Flexible, and Efficient Trucking Act, proposed by Rep. Reid Ribble,...
Saline County

Saline County To Work With KDOT To Crack Down On Overweight Trucks

Facing an over $7 million road repair bill, officials in Saline County say that the time has come to crack down on overweight trucks, which they believe are responsible for the road damage.
Cop Vs. Safety Trucker

VIDEO: Cop Berates Trucker For Choosing A Safe Place To Pull Over

"You don't decide where to stop. I do," says this angry cop as he berates a truck driver for waiting to pull over until he feels it is safe!
Troopers Use Trucks

Troopers Use Big Rig To Nab Texting Drivers

Tennessee troopers are using 18 wheelers to catch and ticket texting drivers.
Speed Limiters

Court Rules That Speed Limiters Do Not Violate Truck Driver Rights

In what is being called a "test case" for the trucking industry, Ontario courts have denied a trucker's request to remove the speed limiters in spite of his claim that the devices are unsafe...
Jake Brake Ban

East Allen Township Tells Truckers To Quiet Jake Brakes

After citizen complaints about the "irritating" sound of big trucks braking, East Allen Township in Pennsylvania has voted to participate in a study intended to motivate truck drivers to silence their jake brakes.
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