Laws & Regulations

Stay up up to date on the latest laws & regulations that impact the trucking industry. Know your rights by staying informed on the issues and by being involved with our community of drivers.

San Francisco Releases Required Safety Video For City Truckers

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has recently released a video to help train truck drivers on safe urban driving practices -- and for many truckers, it will be required viewing. Specifically, the video is...
Heavier Trucks

Proposed Bill Would Allow 91,000 Pound Trucks With Extra Axle

A new proposed bill would allow states to choose to increase the maximum truck weight from 80,000 pounds to 91,000 with a sixth axle. The Safe, Flexible, and Efficient Trucking Act, proposed by Rep. Reid Ribble,...
Saline County

Saline County To Work With KDOT To Crack Down On Overweight Trucks

Facing an over $7 million road repair bill, officials in Saline County say that the time has come to crack down on overweight trucks, which they believe are responsible for the road damage.
Cop Vs. Safety Trucker

VIDEO: Cop Berates Trucker For Choosing A Safe Place To Pull Over

"You don't decide where to stop. I do," says this angry cop as he berates a truck driver for waiting to pull over until he feels it is safe!
Troopers Use Trucks

Troopers Use Big Rig To Nab Texting Drivers

Tennessee troopers are using 18 wheelers to catch and ticket texting drivers.
Speed Limiters

Court Rules That Speed Limiters Do Not Violate Truck Driver Rights

In what is being called a "test case" for the trucking industry, Ontario courts have denied a trucker's request to remove the speed limiters in spite of his claim that the devices are unsafe...
Jake Brake Ban

East Allen Township Tells Truckers To Quiet Jake Brakes

After citizen complaints about the "irritating" sound of big trucks braking, East Allen Township in Pennsylvania has voted to participate in a study intended to motivate truck drivers to silence their jake brakes.
Operation Safe Driver Week

Operation Safe Driver Week: Dates Announced For Enforcement Blitz

Law enforcement agents throughout North America will be on the prowl for unsafe driving behaviors in both passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles from October 18-24 as part of the CVSA's Operation Safe Driver Week.
Trucker Shot To Death In Texas Parking Lot, Rig Stolen

Truck Inspections Up 58% In West Virginia, Taking 212 Trucks Out Of Service

A new report from the Public Service Commission of West Virginia shows that commercial vehicle inspections have sharply increased this quarter. Over 3,000 Truck Inspections Performed According to the report, Transportation Enforcement Officers inspected 3,292 trucks on 10...
Maryland Targets Suspended License Drivers

Maryland Ups Enforcement On Truckers With Suspended Licenses

Maryland State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division upped truck enforcement last week, putting 10 truck drivers out of service for having a suspended CDL or no CDL at all.
Jason's Law Study

Jason’s Law Parking Shortage Study Results Released

The Department of Transportation has released the results of a truck parking survey put into motion by Jason's Law and declared that truck parking shortages are a national safety concern.
CRST Split Sleeper

CRST Asks FMCSA For Split Sleeper Berth Periods

CRST Expedited has requested an exemption from the FMCSA that would allow its drivers the flexibility to split their 10-hour sleeper berth period.
George Washington Bridge Toll

Truck Driver Caught After Trying To Evade Toll on GWB

A Delaware truck driver was arrested this week after authorities caught him trying to evade tolls on the George Washington Bridge.
California Drivers Sue Gardner Trucking Over Unpaid Wages

Truck Drivers Victorious In Landmark Minimum Wage Case Against Werner Enterprises

A judge has sided with a group of truck drivers who claimed that Werner Enterprises used unfair meal break and rest policies to pay them less than minimum wage. Court Sides With Truck Drivers in...
HOS Violations Down

FMCSA: HOS Violations Down, False Log Violations Up

The FMSCA says that Hours of Service violations have fallen dramatically while other commercial vehicle violations have risen slightly.
Ann Arbor Is Now A No-Idle Zone

Port Of New York And New Jersey To Truckers: No Idling

The EPA has finalized agreements with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to try to cut down on air pollution by severely restricting truckers from idling.