Laws & Regulations

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Cross Sound Enhancemet Project

3,000 Trucks To Be Diverted From I-95 By Ferry And Rural Roads

One sentence in a thousand page legal document could divert 3,000 trucks off of Connecticut's I-95 onto a ferry and local backroads. The project, dubbed the "Cross Sound Enhancement Project" is a plan by the...
Pit Bull

Truck Driver Loses Dog To Pit Bull Ban In Salina, Kansas

Truck driver Nathan Stewart is missing his furry pit bull copilot Sophie after she was taken away by authorities in Salina, Kansas. Animal Control Takes Dog As Evidence Authorities were notified after Stewart left Sophie outside...
Truck Tire

Truck Tires and High Speed: A Deadly Combination

The number of fatal truck accidents is on the rise and experts say that the tires are partly to blame. Between 2009 and 2013, 223 road fatalities have been blamed on truck tires, and as speed...
Kansas Regulations

Kansas Changes Trucker Rest Requirements

The Kansas Corporation Commission voted to change rest requirements in order to get truckers back on the road more quickly.
Truck Train Collision

No One Wants Responsibility (Or Liability) For Fixing Truck-Train Communication Problems

The truck-train collision in Orange Park, Florida last Friday (March 27th) barely made a blip on newsfeeds in the wake of the fatal Oxnard crash in February and the massive Halifax accident earlier this month.
drug testing

Annual Motor Carriers’ Drug and Alcohol Testing Survey Begins

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has started to notify trucking companies that they must submit their drug and alcohol testing program results by May 15, 2015. Randomly selected truck companies will be notified by...
Florida Highway Patrol

Florida Highway Patrol To Target Aggressive Drivers On I-95

The Florida Highway Patrol announced plans to step up enforcement on unsafe drivers on I-95 in hopes of reducing the number of accidents and highway fatalities on the notoriously dangerous interstate. TACT Campaign to Target...
Top 8 things that your dispatcher wishes you knew

Truck Driver Charged With Threatening FMCSA Safety Inspector

The OIG announced that commercial truck driver Ronald Mockelman has been charged with making threats to a federal employee. Driver Accused of Making Threatening Calls The report alleges that on January 10, Mockelman made several phone calls to...
Major Report Finds That CSA Scoring System "Needs Improvement"

FMCSA Plans Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Restart Study

The FMCSA announced plans for a new study to measure and compare safety performance and fatigue levels of truck drivers who have two nighttime rest periods within their 34 hour restart period, as opposed to drivers...
safety violation

Controversy Surrounds California Trucking Company After Truck Driver’s Fatal Accident

Authorities suspect that the death of truck driver Ewell Levy in Pittsburg, California would have been avoided if proper maintenance had been performed by the company that owned the truck, Roby Trucking. Brake Failure Causes...
Vision Zero

Vision Zero: What It Means For San Francisco Truckers

Soon, many truckers in the San Francisco area will be required to participate in a new safety training program as part of the city's "Vision Zero" campaign. Training Video To Prepare Drivers For San Francisco's...

Proposed Bill To Increase Ohio Speed Limits To 75MPH

One of the many changes on a transportation bill that’s moving through the Ohio Senate could increase speed limits on 570 miles of highway and the Ohio Turnpike from 70 mph to 75 mph.
I-95 Toll

Toll Evasion Checks Will Continue For Truck Drivers In Newark

The Delaware Department of Transportation approved funding for five more months of enhanced patrols to crack down on truck drivers who evade tolls on I-95 in Newark. Patrols To Question Commercial Drivers on Local Roads The...
left lane

Proposed Ohio Bill Would Keep Trucks Out Of Left Lane

Ohio joins 44 other states in proposing legislation that would keep trucks over 10,000 pounds out of the left lane when there are three or more lanes. Lawmakers claim that the proposed bill would prevent traffic...
new regulations

FMCSA Releases New Recommendations For Reviewing Driving Records

The FMCSA has released new recommendations to change the way that trucking companies review driving records for their employees. Digital State-Operated Digital Driving Records All trucking companies are currently required to review their employees driving records...
toxic waste

Truck Driver Faces Felony Charge For Dumping Sludge In Ditch

Truck driver Jimmy Williams is facing felony charges in Texas after allegedly dumping 100 gallons of used cooking oil and grease in a ditch. When authorities arrived on the scene in Parker County, Williams told them his...