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Everybody likes a good list. Some of these are for fun while others provide valuable information about topics that we care about.

Here’s a list of the best fast food summertime deals

Eating out can be easy and cheap during the summertime, especially when you know who has the best deals. Most restaurants roll out new seasonal specials or offer great summertime prices...

Study reveals the wild ways drivers are getting distracted — that aren’t texting

In a new survey, U.S. drivers admitted to some jaw-dropping distracted driving behaviors that they performed behind the wheel.

Top 10 best (and worst) cities to drive in ranked

A new list from credit reporting site WalletHub ranks America's best and worst cities to drive in.

Organizational hacks every truck driver needs to know

For some, finding the best way to organize your truck can seem like an impossible task. A cramped space paired with a busy lifestyle tends to mean a messy semi. ...

Beginners guide to getting fit while on the road

Sitting in a cab all day paired with the excess amount of fast food offered at truck stop can make it easy for drivers to slip into an unhealthy lifestyle. Changing...

Worried about driving through protests? Here are 12 tips to keep truckers safe.

For months since the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, truckers have found themselves caught up in protests and sometimes violent demonstrations on the road.

The top 10 worst spots for truck bottlenecks compiled into one revealing list

A list of the most congested bottlenecks from trucking in America has been released thanks to the American Transportation Research Institute.  The data was compiled using GPS data from...

Here’s your 2021 lineup of trucking events

This past year many anticipated in-person trucking events scrambled to transition to online platforms and some even outright canceled or postponed due to COVID restrictions. With the rollout of the new...

Six times instant karma came for car drivers who messed with truckers

Sometimes people actually do get what they deserve -- and we have the dash cam videos to prove it.
Women In Trucking

These 91 transportation companies were named ‘best for women to work for’ in 2020

The non-profit group Women In Trucking Association (WIT) recently released their annual list of the best transportation companies for women.
Top Trucking Concerns During Coronavirus

Drivers share their top 8 concerns about trucking during a pandemic

A recent survey of professional truck drivers ranked their top concerns about driving in during the COVID-19 crisis.

Trucker shares list of 82 truck stops he was asked to avoid with a...

A truck driver recently said that his high value load came with something extra -- a list of truck stops that the client asked him to avoid.

Here are the 25 deadliest highways in America — ranked

A new report looked at fatality rates on U.S. highways to determine which are the most dangerous for drivers.

Father’s Day gift-guide for truckers

Picking out the perfect gift can be tricky. With Father's Day right around the corner you might be stumped on what to get that truck driving dad in your life. ...

The ultimate trucking playlist to start off 2021

When you are driving for hours on end sometimes the best way to fill the time is by discovering new music. To start off 2021, we've curated a playlist full of...

Witty one-liners have taken over America’s highway signs — here are the best

Lit up in fluorescent orange, Department of Transportation highway signs are hard to miss, especially since many states have jumped on the bandwagon of using trendy one-liners and puns to grab the...
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