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Everybody likes a good list. Some of these are for fun while others provide valuable information about topics that we care about.

No Shave November

7 Essential Tips For No Shave November

Need a little help getting started with No Shave November this year? We've got you covered (hopefully in hair, very soon). Check out these essential tips for getting the biggest, longest, and most luxurious beard during...
Unexpected Side Effects Of Weight Loss

8 Weird Side Effects Of Losing Weight

Because of the trucking lifestyle -- fast food, lots of sitting, and little time to exercise -- many truck drivers struggle with their weight. Many truck drivers opt for drastic lifestyle changes and do manage...
Pissed Off: Trucker Cited For Urinating On Walls, Crashing Into Plow

How Long Can You Hold It? 6 Facts Truckers Need To Know About Waiting...

The average person urinates 8 to 10 times every day. The average trucker is another story. Let's face it. One of the facts of life for truckers that no one really talks about is having...
Flu Shot

6 Facts Truck Drivers Need To Know About Flu Shots

Nothing is worse than being sick behind the wheel, but is a flu shot the answer? This year's strain of the flu is expected to be just as aggressive as the 2014-2015 outbreak, which caused...

12 Types Of Trucker Spouses

A list of all the different types of trucker’s spouses I have encountered on my journey along the roadways.
dear motorist

You Know You’re A Trucker When…

You know you're a trucker when...
Bad Diet Tips

The 7 Worst Diet Tips for Truckers

Some of the most enduring diet tips out there will actually hurt your weight loss efforts. Here are 7 diet tips you can safely ignore!
Trucker Self Defense

7 Simple Self Defense Tips Every Trucker Needs

Every day, headlines tell stories of truckers who are victims of violence, but there are simple ways to keep yourself safe. These tips will help to keep you safe in your truck -- and out of the headlines.
Back To School Bus Post

Back To School: 6 Bus Facts That Will Make You Glad To Share The...

Here are some unexpected school bus facts that will make you feel better about sharing the road with your fellow CDL holders.
Bizarre Laws

9 Of The Most Bizarre Driving Laws On The Books

These bizarre still-on-the-books local laws will make even the most baffling DOT requirement or FMCSA ruling seem downright...sensible.
Health Benefits Of Reading

6 Surprising Reasons That Truckers Should Read Books

There are several unexpected benefits to reading that can make you a happier, healthier trucker.
Dedicated Routes List

6 Signs That You Should Switch To A Dedicated Route

Here are 6 signs that you should look into a getting a dedicated route.
Craigslist Warning Signs

8 Tips To Help You Tell If That Craigslist Trucking Job Is Legitimate

Craigslist can be a valuable resource for finding your next trucking job -- but con artists and scammers have also used Craigslist as an easy way to scam truck drivers. If you're looking for a...
Sad Puppy

6 Reasons Why Shelter Animals Make The Perfect Co-Pilots

Many CDLLife readers take their pets along with them on the road. Pets are great company and they can even help you to keep your truck and freight safe. While all pets are great, we...
Top Trucking Mysteries

5 Weird Trucking Mysteries You Might Not Have Heard About

We all know that trucking is a job like no other. There's fun. There's freedom. There's adventure. On the other hand, anyone who has been in trucking long enough knows that there are some strange...
Quit Your Trucking Job

6 Signs You Need To Quit Your Trucking Job

We all fantasize about quitting our jobs every now and then, but how do you know when it's really time to move on and find another trucking job?

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