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Finances can make or break a truck driver at home and on the road. Get money saving tips, information, and advice here!

High Mileage Truck

What Makes a Good High Mileage Truck?

The modern definition of 'low mileage truck' would seem ridiculous just 20 years ago. Advancements in aerodynamics and engine technology makes a half-million mile road warrior a good buy if a few points check out.
Dump at the Pump

Avoid The Accidental Dump At The Pump!

Don't be a chump! Avoid wasting fuel at the pump! This money-saving tip is so simple, we almost didn't write it. But we figured since CDLLife is dedicated to all truckers (as in new truckers too), we thought we would go ahead.
Trends In Transportation

Trends in Transportation: Fall 2011

The two year economic turndown is still having effects in 2011. The Transportation industry is large, but never immune to waning consumer product demand.
Money Saving Tips

Truck Driver Tips: Saving Money on the Road

Good truck driver tips regarding smart fuel efficiency. A number of factors can effect a big rig's fuel efficiency so there are a few truck driver tips to help improve it.
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