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Finances can make or break a truck driver at home and on the road. Get money saving tips, information, and advice here!


Caterpillar To Slash Up To 10,000 Jobs

Caterpillar announced yesterday that it may cut up to 10,000 jobs and close up to 20 facilities from now until 2018. About 4,000 to 5,000 of the job cuts will come by the end of...
Arizona MVD Scam

Scam Alert: Arizona Officials Warn Of Fraudulent MVD Websites

Authorities are warning drivers to be cautious of fraudulent websites that appear to be affiliated with the Arizona Department of Transportation's Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) or the state of Arizona. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich says...
ATM Skimmer

Scam Alert: ATM Skimmer Found At Truck Stop

Police say that an ATM skimmer was discovered at a truck stop on Route 11 near Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Local authorities received a tip that an ATM skimmer was in use at a machine at the Petro Truck...
$1000 Tip

Truck Driver Surprises Single Mom Bartender With $1000 Tip

A single mother of three working as a bartender in Grand Island, Nebraska, was shocked when a truck driver left her a $1000 tip. The truck driver was seated at the bar when bartender Kari...
Con-way Acquistion

XPO Logistics Buys Con-way For $3 Billion

XPO Logistics Inc. announced yesterday that it will buy Con-way Inc. for $3 billion, making it America's second largest provider of less-than-truckload services. After the purchase, Con-way will be completely rebranded to XPO Logistics. Executives at XPO...
Roadrunner To Sell Unitrans For $95 Million

Roadrunner Buys Stagecoach To Boost Cross-Border Service

Roadrunner Transportation Systems Inc. announced that it purchased El Paso-based Stagecoach Cartage and Distribution for $35 million as a way to expand cross-border transportation services.
Money Saving Tips

Trucking On A Budget

Whether you're just starting out in trucking or wanting to become more budget conscious, there are many things you can do to cut back on expenses and stay on budget.
Gas Tax Increase

ATA Pleads With Congress For Higher Gas Taxes

American Trucking Association President Bill Graves went before Congress yesterday to ask for higher gas taxes to keep the federal highway fund from going broke.
Fuel Card

WEX Bank Announces Over-The-Road Fueling Card Program with GE Capital Transportation Finance

PRESS RELEASE WEX enters into an OTR fueling card program with GE Transportation Finance June 1, 2015 (South Portland, Maine) WEX Inc. WEX, +0.83% a leading provider of corporate payment solutions, today announced that it has entered...
Avian Flu

Avian Flu Slows Down Trucking In Midwest

A devastating bout of avian flu has shocked midwestern chicken farmers -- and truck drivers are feeling the impact.
Flying J Scandal

Trucking Companies Accuse Pilot Flying J Of Fraud

The nation's biggest truck stop chain Pilot Flying J is once again facing fraud accusations following 2013's FBI raid. The 2013 scandal was ignited when it was discovered that Pilot had defrauded trucking companies out...
Trucking Profit

US Trucking Companies Earn Record-Breaking $700 Billion In Revenue

The driver shortage and cheap fuel have helped trucking revenue soar to $700 billion, according to a report from the American Trucking Association. This means that trucking revenue is up almost three percent from...

Ways To Make Extra Cash

We know truck drivers don't have a lot of downtime, if you have some time off or if your spouse wants to make a little extra money, there are some easy ways you can make a little extra cash. Who doesn't want to earn a little extra cash, right?
Digit: The Money Saving App For People Who Have Trouble Saving

Digit: The Money Saving App For People Who Have Trouble Saving

Digit is the money-saving app for anyone who's tried conventional methods of saving but fall short.
truck driver

4 Essential Reasons To Increase Pay For American Truck Drivers

The trucking industry has come to a crisis point. Every truck driver today has to walk a fine line between safety and productivity in an environment in which driver shortages, increased operating costs and...
IRS Warns That Highway Use Tax Return Is Due August 31

Mobile App: H&R Block’s 1040EZ For Smartphones

Chances are, you aren't really looking forward to spending your precious time off the road doing your taxes. That's where H&R Block's 1040EZ app for smartphones comes in as a handy tool for truck drivers who want to get back on the road -- fast.
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