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It’s not easy being a new driver, but that’s why all of us at CDLLife are here to help. Here, new truck drivers can find step-by-step guides, helpful articles and advice from veteran drivers about how to successfully navigate your first year as a new truck driver.

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Student Driver

Indiana college offers ‘nation’s first’ CDL training program covered by federal student loans

A cluster of community colleges in Indiana are offering a truck driver training program that is eligible for federal student loans.

Truck drivers share advice for new truckers

Trucking is a complex industry. There's a lot for new drivers entering the industry to learn -- more than just learning to...

With DMVs closed, group calls for DOT or trucking schools to issue CDLs

A coalition made up of trucking schools and motor carriers is asking for emergency action to get new truck drivers behind the wheel during the COVID-19 crisis.
Merging and passing

Passing and merging — this video teaches truckers how to do it the right...

The team at Smart Trucking recently shared a new video outlining the basics of passing and merging when you're driving a big rig.
Women in Trucking

A women-only CDL training course is now being offered in Alabama

An Alabama community college is offering ground breaking women-only CDL training course.
Surpring Reasons You're Not Getting Hired

Three surprising reasons your driving application may be rejected

CDLLife has spoken with safety and recruiting directors to find out some of the reasons they’ll reject a driver, even if that driver meets their minimum hiring criteria, and their answers were surprising. 

Do NOT take a new truck driving job until you ask these 100 questions

Whether you're a veteran driver or a rookie, it can be hard to break through a driver recruiter's song and dance to get the information that you need about a job you're considering taking. That's why CDLLife put together a list of over 100 essential questions that you need to get answered before you take a new job.

Free, Online Practice CDL Tests

Here's a list of sites that offer free, online practice CDL tests.
Why won't trucking companies hire me?

Why Won’t Trucking Companies Hire Me?

So you're always hearing about the 'truck driver shortage' and reading articles about how hard it is for companies to hire and keep qualified...

VIDEO: Instructor uses drone in truck stop backing lesson

Watch as a trucking instructor uses drone technology to film a backing lesson with one of his students.
CDL Training

Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a CDL Truck Driver

Introduction - first steps to a new career in truck driving. Ever since CDLLIFE was founded, we have focused a building a community of professional...
Student Driver

Step 2: What you need to understand before becoming a CDL driver

  This article is step 2 in our multi-step Beginner's Guide to Becoming a CDL Driver. To read the entire guide follow the link above...

Step 3: How much do truck drivers make?

How much do truck drivers make and what can truck drivers expect to make in their first year? This article is step 3 in our multi-step Beginner’s...
Cargo Theft

Step 4: What Truck Drivers Love About Their Jobs

This week, we asked drivers to list three things they like/love about their jobs. This is what they said.

Step 5: Different types of truck driving jobs

This article is step 5 in our multi-step Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a CDL Driver. To read the entire guide follow the link above to...
Trucking Company Word Cloud

Step 6: Different types of trucking companies

This article is step 6 in our multi-step Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a CDL Driver. To read the entire guide follow the link above to...
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