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It's not easy being a new driver, but that's why all of us at CDLLIFE along with our community of followers are here to help. In this section of our site new truck drivers can find step-by-step guides, knowledgeable articles, and tips and advice from veteran drivers on how to successfully navigate your first year as a new truck driver.

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Rand McNally Releases 2015 Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas

Rand McNally today released the 2015 edition of the Motor Carriers' Road Atlas, the most trusted name in truck route planning.
Driver Salary

How Much Do Truck Drivers Make?

So how much do truck drivers make? There's no simple answer to that question. Truck drivers must have all the facts before knowing how much they'll make.
Fuel Island Commandments

Fuel Island Commandments

#1. Thou shalt not relieve thyself at the fuel island. #2. Thou shalt choose one pump and wait in that line, not park in the middle of the driveway and wait for one to open up...

How to Prevent Wheel-Offs

Wheel Offs can be extremely dangerous, yet easily avoided. Why do they continue to happen, and how can you avoid them?

PHOTO: Don’t Pull Out In Front Of Big Trucks

An important reminder to motorists: Don't pull out in front of big trucks.
Magic Cook: Cook Without Using Electricity or Battery

Magic Cook: Cook Without Using Electricity or Battery

This is an item every truck driver could benefit from and would be great to have on hand in an emergency situation!
Smoking Brakes Colorado Downhillvideo

VIDEO: Smoking Brakes

Truck with smoking brakes going downhill in Colorado on I-70. Any tips for this driver?
Avoid Failing CDL Training Test

How To Avoid Failing Your CDL Training Pt. 1

Truck driving is a difficult job and training for a CDL isn't easy. Here's how to avoid some common mistakes.

Trucking Resume Tips for 2012

Here's a quick checklist of dos and don'ts when compiling a resume for truck driving jobs. How does yours match up?
shopping list

Step 14: Shopping list for new drivers

This article is step 14 in our multi-step Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a CDL Driver. To read the entire guide follow the link above to...
Avoid Failing Your Test

How To Avoid Failing Your CDL Training Pt. 2

Part 2 of our articles on how to avoid mistakes during your CDL training and become a better truck driver.

Roadblocks For New Drivers

So, you are looking into becoming a driver! Truck driving is a great career opportunity for those who can acclimate to life on the road....
XPO Logistics To Offer Tuition-Free Truck Driver Training

Step 2: What you need to understand before becoming a CDL driver

  This article is step 2 in our multi-step Beginner's Guide to Becoming a CDL Driver. To read the entire guide follow the link above...
How Long Before You Worry

How Long Before You Worry?

How long do you wait before you panic and call either your spouse’s dispatcher or company or even the police in their last known location?
Idling Laws

Idling Laws By State

Idling laws tend to differ greatly across the United States, and can be a little tricky to remember (especially in states with larger, harshly regulated cities)! Check out this quick reference map to find idling laws fast!
Avoiding Rookie Mistakes

How Not To Be A Truck Driver: 4 Major Rookie Mistakes (And How To...

Running out of fuel. Relying too heavily on GPS and getting lost. Accidentally going over on hours... What do these things have in common? They are...

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