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It’s not easy being a new driver, but that’s why all of us at CDLLife are here to help. Here, new truck drivers can find step-by-step guides, helpful articles and advice from veteran drivers about how to successfully navigate your first year as a new truck driver.

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Progressive Insurance Expands Truck Driver Coverage

Progressive recently announced an expansion for most of their commercial truck and vehicle insurance packages. Truck drivers might be happy about some of them...
Owner Operator

6 Steps To Becoming A Trucking Owner/Operator

This article helps you take a good, hard look at your work ethic, habits, and other factors about what kind of driver you are. It may have some solid answers about the likelihood you have of succeeding as an owner/operator instead of a company driver.
Driver Salary

How Much Do Truck Drivers Make?

So how much do truck drivers make? There's no simple answer to that question. Truck drivers must have all the facts before knowing how much they'll make.
What Every Truck Driver Should Know

Expert Advice: What Every Trucker Should Know

Paul Taylor is a trucking advocate and lawyer who travels the country with a presentation that every trucker should see - it's called "What Every Truck Driver Should Know." It explains how truckers can protect themselves using the Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA). Watch now!

How to Prevent Wheel-Offs

Wheel Offs can be extremely dangerous, yet easily avoided. Why do they continue to happen, and how can you avoid them?
White Truck

Another Great Company Stepping Up to Help Veterans

Sadly, veterans have a high rate of unemployment. Trucking companies are stepping up and offering jobs for veterans. This Missouri company is offering jobs and apprenticeships for veterans.

Medical Exam Checklist Part: 2

Excerpt: Part: 2 of the Medical Examiner's Handbook. Find out exactly health practitioners are supposed to be looking for.
Medical Information

Medical Exam Checklist Part: 1

Excerpt: Part: 1 of the Medical Examiner's Handbook. Find out exactly health practitioners are supposed to be looking for.
Drive Atlas

Atlas’ New Fleet Offers Sign-on Bonus

How does $1.52 per mile, a $5,000 sign-on bonus and an affordable lease-to-purchase payment sound? Atlas is offering all this and more to 100 perspective drivers in its new fleet.

So, You Think You Want to Be a Trucker…

You want to be a truck driver? Read the good, the bad and the ugly of the business.

3 Questions Trucking Recruiters CAN’T Ask You

The hiring process for truckers can be lengthy and difficult. Recruiters want to know everything they can about you. But they can't ask these specific questions.
Log Book

Log Books for Truck Drivers

Every trucker needs a log book from time to time. Get a good deal on one here!
Avoid Failing Your Test

How To Avoid Failing Your CDL Training Pt. 2

Part 2 of our articles on how to avoid mistakes during your CDL training and become a better truck driver.
Avoid Failing CDL Training Test

How To Avoid Failing Your CDL Training Pt. 1

Truck driving is a difficult job and training for a CDL isn't easy. Here's how to avoid some common mistakes.

Trucking Resume Tips for 2012

Here's a quick checklist of dos and don'ts when compiling a resume for truck driving jobs. How does yours match up?
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