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It’s not easy being a new driver, but that’s why all of us at CDLLife are here to help. Here, new truck drivers can find step-by-step guides, helpful articles and advice from veteran drivers about how to successfully navigate your first year as a new truck driver.

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Log Book

Log Books for Truck Drivers

Every trucker needs a log book from time to time. Get a good deal on one here!
Avoid Failing Your Test

How To Avoid Failing Your CDL Training Pt. 2

Part 2 of our articles on how to avoid mistakes during your CDL training and become a better truck driver.
Avoid Failing CDL Training Test

How To Avoid Failing Your CDL Training Pt. 1

Truck driving is a difficult job and training for a CDL isn't easy. Here's how to avoid some common mistakes.

Trucking Resume Tips for 2012

Here's a quick checklist of dos and don'ts when compiling a resume for truck driving jobs. How does yours match up?

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