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VIDEO: Schneider Trucking Terminal Thrashed By Tornado

Amazing video footage of a tornado that ripped through the Schneider Trucking hub just outside Arlington, Texas today, April 3, 2012.

Trucker: GPS Get Me a $7,000 Fine

While your GPS may keep you from getting lost, it might not keep you out of trouble.

TravelCenters Truck Stops’ New Roadside Recovery Service

The popular trucker destination announces their affordable new roadside service plus, additional service assets. Will you use it?

VIDEO: Home On The Road With An ARI Custom Sleeper

ARI custom sleepers provide drivers with a home away from home. Find out how they can help you save money and improve your health. Get a close up look at them in our video.

DOT Warns Against New Financial Phishing Scam

A new financial scam being conducted on transportation companies has caused an alert to be issued by the DOT. Carriers and Owner/Operators beware!

How About Driving For Less Than Minimum Wage?

31 drivers were working for less than minimum wage. The U.S. government sued the company, on behalf of the drivers, but did they get the drivers what they deserve?

Pre-Paid Legal Service – Your Ticket To Freedom?

Are pre-paid legal services worth the money, or do they cause more harm than good. Read about some other truckers' experiences with them.

TWIC Card Program May be DOA

Transportation Worker Identification Credential managed by the Dept. of Homeland Security is in place, but does it work? Do we have enough money to fund it going forward?
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Trucker Apps: TRUCKER1 Reviewed

Today on the trucker apps channel, CDL Life reviews TRUCKER1, an iPhone app for truckers that promises to keep you connected while you're out on the road.

Weight Loss Advice From a Trucker

From one trucker to another, real world weight loss advice.

The FMCSA MAY Be Offering Flexibility to Sleeper Berth Rule

At the Mid-America Trucking Show, FMCSA administrator, Anne Ferro challenged carriers to develop a pilot program for the current sleeper berth regulation. Will the proposal change the current hours of service ruling?