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VIDEO: Trucker Saves The Day A Burning Fuel Tanker Rescue

In 2011, a tanker full of fuel is parked at a gas station right next to a neighborhood in Turkey. Suddenly the fuel truck catches fire.

Near Death Experience: Tanker Slides Across Highway

Thankfully no one was injured in this August 25, 2010 Rockwall, TX trucking accident, but we're sure it gave everyone the scare of their lives.

2012 Kenworth T660 – A Closer Look

Kenworth has made some great advances in technology and drag co-efficiency with their new model T660 Class 8 Semi Truck. Get a closer look at it here.

4th Annual Healthy Trucking Summit Scheduled in Atlanta

The Healthy Trucking Association of America invites transportation industry leaders to their informative gathering in Atlanta on April 24 - 26.

VIDEO: Projection Animation On A Big Rig

This is one talented visual artist's projection animation project. It's perfectly synced up to a remix of Blur's "Song 2" for an eye-pleasing big rig light show.

RC Semi Truck: Can This Little Peterbilt Pull a 4×4?

Does a RC semi truck have what it takes to pull a Nissan 4x4? This perfect replica is powered by '12v power derived from a crick with a lot of torque'.

Shipping Rates Could Rise 6 Percent In 2012

What are the factors that are driving up trucking and freight costs in 2012? Seems like the same old causes.

Rock Chart Toppers | Shinedown “Bully”

Jacksonville, Florida's Shinedown have a lock on the rock charts this year. Their new single "Bully" will please fans of big guitars and choruses.
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VIDEO: Trucking Fails: A Bad Day At The Beach

Think you've had a bad day? This driver had no idea that parking his rig on the beach would have disastrous consequences.

VIDEO: Smart Car Crash Tests: How Much Can They Take?

We see Smart Cars on the street and some of us question the "smarts" of the driver behind the wheel, but you might be surprised at the outcome of these Smart Car crash tests.

Trucker Stories: Pete Peterson Talks About A Lifetime of Trucking

Trucker Stories: Pete Peterson talks about his life as a truck driver. He retired at 78 years old and has some interesting things to say about the trucking industry.