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This week, the Iowa 80 Group opened a large warehouse and distribution center for trucking parts and accessories.
The California Highway Patrol (CHP) recently discovered a slew of violations after pulling over a truck-trailer combination in Redding.

Senate’s driverless car bill does not include driverless trucks

On Thursday, the Senate releasedĀ bipartisan legislation that details federal law concerning the driverless car industry. The bill seeks to help the car industry speed up...

California Denies Tesla’s Request To Test Autonomous Trucks

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, met with Department of Motor Vehicles officials in California on Wednesday to discuss testing of an electric long-haul semi-truck. Musk released...

Google Begins Testing Self-Driving Semi Trucks

This week Google revealed that itĀ is the latest company to join in the self-driving truck technology race, testing out its autonomous vehicle technology on...

VIDEO: WIRED’s “The Future Of Trucking When Machines Take The Wheel”

This video takes a closer look at the future of trucking as autonomous vehicle technology threatens to either take or transform truck driver's jobs.

Man Says Tesla Crashed Itself Into Flatbed Trailer

A Tesla Model S owner claims that his car started itself and crashed into and under a parked flatbed trailer, adding to a growing...

Google’s Self-Driving Car Crashes Into Bus

Google admits "some responsibility" after one of their self-driving cars crashed into a public bus in Mountain View, California, earlier this month. Unexpected Sandbags Force...

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