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GPS units for truck drivers.

Bill would require all big rigs to be equipped with GPS

A Virginia lawmaker recently introduced a bill that would require truck drivers to install and use a commercial GPS device.

Check out this new rival to the Tesla Semi

A California-based startup just debuted an unusual-looking new electric semi truck.
Plus.ai cross country

Self-driving truck hauled 20 tons of butter cross country in three days

An autonomous truck technology startup says that one of their trucks made a cross country trek hauling perishable cargo in less than three days.

New driver monitoring product that can tell if you’re smoking behind the wheel

This week, a tech company announced a new product that can provide fleets with real-time alerts about various driving behaviors like cell phone usage and smoking.
CEO Shares Sneak Peek Of Uber Freight Semi

Uber offers free ELDs for small carriers — but there’s a catch

With a major Electronic Logging Device (ELD) deadline looming in just a few more weeks, Uber Freight is offering small carriers a free device and service in exchange for data.

Omnitracs says most devices back on track after major ELD malfunction

One of the nation's largest Electronic Logging Device (ELD) providers has confirmed that a software malfunction forced a large number of truck drivers to abandon their devices and resort to paper logs.
Speed Trap

Police upset over ‘speed trap’ feature on Google Maps

A new update to Google Maps will allow more users to warn other drivers about speed traps -- and police officers across the country aren't happy about it. On...
Concept Truck

Concept semi truck looks more interstellar than interstate

This week, Hyundai Motor Company debuted two new concept commercial vehicle products -- a hydrogen powered Class 8 truck and a clean energy refrigerated trailer. On October 28, South...
Self Driving Trucks

Self-driving truck company wants to test in ‘toughest winter conditions’ in Minnesota

A California-based self-driving truck startup is partnering with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to test out how their trucks will perform during harsh winter weather conditions.
Pain in the Neck

Pain in the neck: Volvo commercial shows how much long haul trucking can hurt

A new ad spot from Volvo Trucks highlights the physical toll that trucking takes on the body.
KTA Truck Parking

Kansas Turnpike rolls out system to help truckers find parking

This week, the Kansas Turnpike Authority debuted a new truck parking management system along with several other improvements to help truckers traveling through the state.
VICE TuSimple

‘Definitely different’: Truckers get a first-hand look at a self driving semi

In a recent VICE News video report, an autonomous trucking company executive stops by a truck stop to talk with drivers about the technology that threatens their jobs.

Have you seen this ‘Strap-A-Pult’ thing yet?

A demonstration video featuring a device to help haulers strap down their loads has been going viral in trucking social media circles.
Tesla Semi Load Test

CHP Says ‘Electric Trucks Are The Future’ After Tesla Semi Load Test

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) was impressed after they recently caught a Tesla Semi putting its hauling power to the test.

A robot dispatcher and a self-driving truck just sent a load ‘without any human...

This week, two companies say that their technologies were able to work together successfully broker and transport a load without any human help.

Love’s just made it a little easier for truckers to get a shower

A new update to the popular Love's mobile app will make it easier for truck drivers to plan their showers, the company says.

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