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That semi truck next to you on I-45 might be driving itself

A new self-driving truck startup recently announced that they are using the most heavily travelled freight corridor in Texas to deliver goods to customers.
Good Trucking Companies

Truckers tell all about the companies that actually treat them right

A group of truckers recently came together in an online community to talk about the positive experiences that they've had with the companies they've worked for -- and we were so happy to see how many people had good things to report about trucking companies that treat their drivers right, both large and small.

Now you can take a college class to learn how to drive self-driving trucks

An Arizona community college is offering an unusual new course that promises to train truck drivers for a job that doesn't really exist yet. Tucson, Arizona's Pima Community...
App Press Release

The app every trucker should have

The team here at CDLLife has made some major updates to our new app to make it even easier and more fun for truckers to use!

Pennsylvania trucking company falls victim to ransomware attack

A large trucking company based in Pennsylvania recently was hit by a ransomware attack that impacted network communication systems.

See Volvo’s *very* driverless truck in action at port terminal

Truck maker Volvo just debuted video of the autonomous electric "Vera" truck performing real world work at a port terminal. Vera was recently assigned the task of moving...

USPS tries out robot trucks to replace team truckers

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has announced that they are testing out driverless truck technology for hauling mail on a more than 20 hour route usually reserved for team truck drivers.
Roof sheared off of Tesla in fatal crash with turning semi truck

Feds say Autopilot was engaged in fatal Tesla vs. semi crash

Federal authorities have released the results of an investigation into a crash involving a Tesla Model 3 and a semi truck that cost the Tesla driver his life earlier this year.
Self Driving Tampa

Watch live ‘self-driving’ semi truck test in Tampa

Check out live video of an autonomous truck driving test that took place in Tampa, Florida.
Tesla Tricked

Hackers figured out how to make Tesla’s Autopilot steer into oncoming traffic

A group of Chinese hackers say that they can trick a Tesla on Autopilot into steering  into oncoming traffic with just three stickers. 

Presidential candidate does ride-along with trucker

A Democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 election is trying to raise awareness about the potential problems that job automation could bring by riding along with a truck driver.
Old Fort Road

‘GPS shortcut’ is leaving a growing number of truckers stuck on twisty road

Authorities in North Carolina say that more and more truckers are ignoring signs and following their GPS into trouble on a mountain road.
CDLLife App

CDLLife’s new app will make everything in your entire trucking life easier

The team here at CDLLife has been hard at work for over a year on something very special --and the time has finally come to share it with you!
App Press Release

CDLLife Rolls Out App To Help Truckers Take Control Of Their Driving Day

Today Kansas City-based start up CDLLife announced the launch of an app loaded up with all of the features that truck drivers need to get the job done -- and to have a little bit of fun in the process.
Mass Riots

Presidential candidate says driverless trucks will cause ‘mass riots’

A Democratic presidential candidate is making headlines for his bold predictions about how he believes truck drivers will fight back violently if autonomous vehicles take away their jobs.
Amazon spotted using self-driving trucks to haul cargo

Amazon spotted using self-driving trucks to haul cargo

After an image was posted on Reddit, Amazon has confirmed that it is using trucks equipped with self-driving technology to haul freight on I-10.

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