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Truck Stop Smell

Seventeen People Hospitalized For Mysterious Smell At Truck Stop

Authorities are still baffled by an unidentified strange odor that sent more than a dozen truck stop patrons to the hospital over the weekend.
Tanker Rammer

Woman Rams Tanker Truck In Attempt To Kill Sons, Self

A Florida woman has been arrested after a murder-suicide attempt involving a tanker truck.
Backroad Cameras

New Law Allows State To Use Cameras To Catch And Ticket Truckers On Restricted...

Delaware lawmakers have passed legislation that will allow for the use of camera technology to enforce truck routes without a traffic stop by law enforcement.
Falling Bear

‘Falling Bear’ Blamed For Highway Fire, Destruction of Cop Car

California transportation officials are cautioning drivers to watch out after a "falling bear" triggered a bizarre fiery crash before fleeing the scene.

500 Truck Drivers Risk Losing CDL Due to Lost (Or Stolen?) School Records

State licensing officials have informed hundreds of truck drivers that they are at risk of losing their Commercial Drivers License (CDL) because the truck driver training school they attended failed to produce...
Gas Tanker

Cameras capture gas tanker with brake trouble crashing down embankment

This week, surveillance cameras captured the frightening downhill journey of a gas tanker truck driver who was reportedly having brake trouble.
Blessing Of the Semis

Michigan Church Holds Yearly ‘Blessing Of The Semis’

Every year, a Detroit community comes together for a unique celebration meant to celebrate truckers and provide them with spiritual protection out on the road.
Black Smoke Matters MSNBC

‘Black Smoke Matters’ Members Make Their Late Night TV Debut

A group of truck drivers who are part of the online "Black Smoke Matters" group were featured in a late night tv show segment about the state of the trucking industry.
9 Million Safe Miles

Truck Driver Honored For Driving An Unbelievable Number Of Safe Miles

A truck driver with a staggering number of safe miles under his belt has been reportedly been recognized by his company for his achievement.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Survived Fiery Plane Crash

Tennessee authorities have confirmed that former NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr. survived a serious plane crash this afternoon.

Investigation Begins After Trailer Crushes Cab, Killing Driver

Authorities in Texas are investigating a construction site accident that claimed the life of a truck driver earlier this week.
Run Over Police

Trucker on the Warpath Tried To Run Over Officer With Semi, Police Say

Nebraska police say that a truck driver is facing attempted murder charges following a bizarre incident outside the driver's home.
Equipment Failure

Man Succumbs To Injuries After Detached Trailer Hits Car Head-On

UPDATE 3:15 P.M. August 20---------------------------------------------------------------------- Idaho State Police have confirmed that a man lost his life as a result of injuries sustained when a trailer detached from a semi...
I-70 Storm

Severe Storm Blew Over 20 Semi Trucks

A heavy storm in western Kansas was reportedly responsible for blowing over multiple semi trucks and temporarily shutting down a major interstate.
El Paso Train Crash

Prius Goes Flying After Car Hauler Gets Hammered by Train

A bystander captured violent footage of a train vs. truck crash that happened in El Paso, Texas, on Monday.
Scott Fire

Fire Consumes House, Truck, In Oversized Load Move Gone Wrong

Louisiana firefighters are investigating an oversized load move that ended in a serious property-damaging blaze yesterday afternoon.

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