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Trucker ‘lucky to be alive’ after large boulder falls on rig

An Alaskan trucker is lucky to be alive after a close call with a gigantic boulder during a major earthquake.

Recall: Dangerous defects discovered in Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, and Volvo semi trucks

Numerous recently discovered and potentially dangerous defects have forced transportation officials to issue several recalls affecting thousands of trucks.
I-80 closed for pileup involving seven semi trucks

Interstate 80 closed after pileup involving 7 semis

Wyoming transportation officials were forced to close down both directions of I-80 following a chain reaction crash involving multiple semi trucks.

FMCSA just released visor cards to help officers and drivers that can’t figure out...

There is apparently so much confusion about the proper use of Electronic Logging Device (ELD) technology out there in the trucking and law enforcement community that federal authorities were forced to put together a graphic instructional guide.
Georgia county shuts down excessive semi truck boot fees

Georgia county shuts down excessive semi truck boot fees

A Georgia county has enacted a new law that limits the power of vehicle booting companies that prey on parked semi trucks.
Winter Weather

Major ice storm may make driving impossible on several interstates this weekend

Forecasters are warning drivers to prepare for a severe ice storm that is threatening the south-central part of the county starting on Friday.

DOT Doctor busted for handing out bogus trucker medical certificates

A Georgia doctor will face more than two years in prison for providing CDL holders with medical certificates when they hadn't actually undergone physical examinations to assess whether they were fit to drive.
Minimum Truck Driver Training

Canadian province significantly increases new truck driver training requirements

After Canadian transportation authorities announced strict minimum training standards for truck drivers, many are wondering if American authorities should ask the same of their entry-level truck drivers. 
Tens of thousands of Sikhs entered trucking in the past two years

Here’s why Sikhs are one of the fastest growing groups in trucking

Whether you know it or not, a new group of drivers is changing the trucking industry in the United States.

Indiana drivers spared from new tolls because the state made enough on truck-only tolls

The governor of Indiana says that he will not impose any more new interstate tolls during his administration, in part because he has already raked in enough money from a recent truck-only toll increase to fund a whole slew of infrastructure improvements.
Trucking company honors driver with custom-designed truck to commemorate military service

Trucking company honors driver with custom-designed truck

A trucking company recently recognized a driver for 2 million accident-free miles and more than a decade of military service all with one remarkable gift.
Narcoleptic Truck Driver

Trucker with narcolepsy asks DOT for permission to drive

An Illinois man has made an unusual request of federal authorities -- he wants their permission to drive semi trucks even though he suffers from narcolepsy.
Closed Down Truck Stop

Trucking company buys mom and pop truck stop that was forced out of business

A beloved Iowa truck stop set to close its doors forever is getting a second chance, thanks to a California trucking company.
Eyes on 94

Four states are teaming up for a truck-only enforcement crackdown next week

Motor carrier officers in four states will be stepping up enforcement on commercial vehicle drivers next week. 
Man arrested for threatening trucker with pistol for not helping him merge

Man arrested for threatening trucker with pistol for not helping him merge

A Montana man is facing serious charges for allegedly pointing a gun at a truck driver who didn't help him merge onto the interstate.
Nuke Reactor

Trucker hauling oversize load from ex-nuke site cited for going off route

A truck driver hauling a large load away from a former nuclear reactor site followed one of his escort vehicles into trouble with Arkansas State Police on Thursday.

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