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Truck Stop Rescue

Truck stop worker saves the life of choking trucker

A Love's truck stop worker has been credited with saving the life of a truck driver who collapsed while choking on a bite of a hamburger.

Major semi truck explosion reported at busy port

Authorities in California have confirmed that a semi truck exploded at the Port of Los Angeles on Monday.
Trump pays visit to Minnesota truck dealership

Trump pays visit to Minnesota truck dealership

Workers at a heavy duty truck dealership were treated to a visit from President Trump on Monday as he delivered a message about taxes.
Former employee kills one at Michigan trucking company, steals semi at gunpoint, kills one other

Man sentenced to life in prison for trucking company shooting spree

A Michigan judge sentenced a former trucking company worker to life in prison without parole for the shooting deaths of two ex-coworkers.
Oakland Sideshow

‘Senseless’ mob burns and loots semi

California police say that an illegal 'sideshow' ended with a city bus and a semi truck looted and set on fire on Sunday.
Cops tag along in a truck to catch texters

Cops tag along in a truck to catch texters

A Kentucky police department is using semi trucks to get an eagle-eye view of distracted drivers. According to a new report from WYMT, officers with the Barbourville Police...
Cop Nudge

Cop gives stuck truck a helpful push

A Minnesota woman's video of police giving a snow- stuck trucker a much-needed nudge has gone viral.
Love's northern CA

New Love’s brings over 100 truck parking spots to California

A new Love's Travel Stops location has opened in Northern California, bringing with it more than 100 new truck parking spots.
Slow Roll Thwarted

State police prevent slow roll truckers from reaching Trump Tower

Illinois State Police threw a kink in the plans of a group of truckers participating in a 'slow roll' protest in Chicago today. Several truckers associated with the...
Chicago Slow Roll

Truckers ‘slow roll’ through Chicago despite warnings from state police

A group of truckers who are protesting regulations in the trucking industry are 'slow rolling' in Chicago in spite of the fact that they've been issued a stern warning by state police.
Vicious high winds vanquish a semi truck

Storm Chaser captures semi truck being manhandled by strong winds

A storm chaser in Texas captured dramatic footage of a semi truck that succumbed to high wind gusts.
Turtle Crash

Woman stops on highway to let turtle cross, leads to crash that claims trucker’s...

A semi truck driver died this week as a result of injuries sustained in a crash caused by a woman who stopped her car in the roadway to allow a turtle to cross the road.
Blizzard Road Closures

Spring blizzard forces significant road closures in several states

A serious winter weather storm has forced transportation officials to close several major roadways. A major winter weather storm has pummeled several midwestern states, causing hundreds of crashes...
Stolen Semi

‘That is our livelihood’: Couple pleads for help recovering stolen semi

A couple is asking the trucking community for help in locating their stolen semi truck.
Woman tried to steal truck to 'escape from zombies'

Woman says she stole truck to ‘escape from Zombies’

Oklahoma police say that they arrested a woman who tried to steal a commercial truck from a Walmart because she was trying to escape from the undead. The...
Indiana To Raise Diesel Tax By 31 Cents Per Gallon

Truckers worry after Ohio enacts hefty diesel tax hike

Lawmakers in Ohio have passed legislation that will substantially increase the diesel fuel tax.

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