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4 trucking mandates

Trucking groups demand lawmakers defeat four ‘excessively burdensome’ bills

A group of 31 trucking and trade associations penned a letter to Congress asking for lawmakers to put a stop to four controversial bills.

Double-semi wreck leaves three trapped for over an hour

A semi truck crashed into the back of another rig at high speeds in Oregon Friday morning, trapping three people inside the wreckage.  The accident happened in Brownsville at...

Unexplained shooting sends fatally wounded motorist crashing into moving semi truck

One person is dead after a fatal shooting left a motorist incapacitated, sending their vehicle into a moving semi truck.  The incident occurred on Sunday, January 24th at around...
Trucker Speaks Out

Truck driver in fiery I-70 pileup released on bond

A truck driver accused of causing a fatal pileup on I-70 in Colorado has been released from jail after paying thousands of dollars worth of bond -- thanks to help from fundraisers.

Here are 5 upcoming dates all truckers need to know

Having trouble remembering what DOT blitz is happening when? Or when your taxes are due? How about when the new HOS rules go into effect?
Top Trucking Concerns During Coronavirus

Drivers share their top 8 concerns about trucking during a pandemic

A recent survey of professional truck drivers ranked their top concerns about driving in during the COVID-19 crisis.

Seven senators fight back on plan to hike trucker insurance requirements to $2 MILLION

A group of senators are asking for changes to a current highway bill that would remove a massive increase in minimum insurance requirements for truckers.

Unexplained train collision obliterates tanker

A tanker truck was obliterated in a collision with a train on Tuesday.  The collision occurred on October 27th in Barron County, Wisconsin at N 18th St & E...

Truck driver loses life after crashing off Conowingo Dam

Maryland State Police say that a truck driver was killed early this morning when his truck crashed off the Conowingo Dam.

Woman filmed hitching ride on semi trailer “might’ve done it a couple times before,”...

A woman was filmed hitching a ride on the back of a semi truck in Arkansas this week, and witnesses say she appeared as if she knew what she was doing. 

Truck driver involved in bizarre truck break-in, shooting incident

A man is in critical condition after a shooting incident involving a truck driver in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“It’s a god thing” says trucker who helped save couple fully dangling off bridge

A truck driver says god put him in the perfect position to help a couple dangling off an Idaho bridge in their pickup on Tuesday afternoon.  On March 16th...

I-285 shut down, trucker in critical condition after accident downs large highway sign

A truck driver is in critical condition after a wreck that spilled thousands of gallons of diesel and downed a large highway sign.  The accident happened on Monday, April...

Death of several birds in oil spill wreck inspires charges against truck driver

California prosecutors are pressing charges against a trucker who crashed near a river, spilling oil and endangering the health of native wildlife.  The accident happened on March 21st, 2020,...

Stolen semi used to hijack shipping container stuffed with donated bikes

A shipping container full of donated bikes destined for Africa was stolen out of a charity organization’s parking lot over the weekend.  The theft occurred in Navato, California and...

Truck driver arrested after fleeing crash that spilled iron oxide

A truck driver was arrested in New York on Monday after fleeing from a crash that spilled his load of iron oxide across the highway.  The accident happened on...
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