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FMCSA Proposes State-To-State Traffic Citation Reporting System

A more streamlined process for reporting traffic citations may soon be available.

American Trucking Group Announces A Safe Driver Competition

The American Trucking Group has announced a new competition for its drivers. Find out how you can win $1,000.

Video: Texting Driver Drives Off Cliff

A texting driver sends one last ominous text before plunging off of a cliff.

Atlanta Voters Reject Penny Sales Tax for Transportation Projects

An unlikely political coalition convinced voters to hold off on funding for Georgia highways. How did they do it, and what does it mean for truck drivers?

Man With Multiple Jobs Wins $1 Million Lottery

A hard-working Arkansas man wins $1 million on a scratchers ticket.
Is The Problem Really About A Driver Shortage

Is The Problem Really About A Driver Shortage?

Is the problem really about a driver shortage, or do conditions for truck drivers need to improve to retain the current numbers of drivers? What can be done? What is the real problem?

More Groups Joining Forces To Challenge HOS Laws

More and more groups are joining together to challenge the HOS laws. What's in it for these groups?

Retail and Restaurant Groups Challenge HOS Laws

A national restaurant and retail group have partnered up to fight HOS laws. What are they doing and why are they doing it?

Holland Driver Earns Spot In Truck Driving Championships

A Holland driver has earned his spot in the National Trucking Driving Championships. Have you ever attended or competed in the competition?

Trucking Company Suing Over “Offensive” Billboard

Drivers, does this sign offend you?

Watch the American Truck Historical Society Convoy on Sept. 6th!

Get the times, locations and dates for the 2012 American Truck Historical Society annual national convoy here.

Indiana Cracking Down On “Hot Trucks”

Indiana is cracking down on refrigerated trucks. Find out what they're looking for.
Missing Dog

Please Help Find Deceased Truck Driver’s Family Find Missing Dog

Please help a deceased truck driver's family find the man's missing dog.

Shortage of Diesel Fuel In Michigan Prompts Gov. To Lift HOS Laws

A fuel shortage in Michigan has prompted the governor to place a temporary lift on HOS laws. Find out where and how long its expected to last.

Woman Charged With Stealing $200K From A Trucking Company

A trucking company employee embezzles more than a quarter of a million dollars from the company she worked for. How did she do it?

ACT Research Reports on Class 8 Truck Order Downturn

A decline in truck orders accompanied another economic slip as truck tonnage fell from the previous month in April and May, according to the American Trucking Associations. Is there any recovery in sight?
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