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New Jersey Wants You To Report Distracted Drivers

Distracted Driving Fines Increase In Europe

Europe traffic officials have had enough of the dangers of distracted truck drivers. The new fines are stiff!
Kansas City Missouri I-70 Toll Road

Missouri Lawmakers Considering Tolls for I-70

Upgrading I-70 across Missouri has been a problem that has plagued state lawmakers for years. They finally decide levying tolls on travelers may be the answer. Is it?
Price Index

Diesel Fuel Prices | Jan. 16 – 23

This week's Energy Information Administration's on-highway diesel fuel price index.
OTA Resists Speed Increase

Trucker Group Against Ohio Speed Increase

Since semi truck safety issues are currently in the national spotlight, the Ohio Trucking Association has declined to support a speed increase that could help truckers cover more distance during hours of service.
Driving In Winter Weather

Driving Safe in Winter Weather

For most of the country it's been a mild winter, but trucks cover every square inch of North America. Here's how to stay safe in the cold no matter where you're headed.
Trucker Assists Police with Chase

Crime Fighting Trucker Helps Nab Dangerous Driver

A Toronto truck driver took over pursuit of a dangerous driver that rammed a police cruiser off the road. Read the account...
Ten arrested in undercover prostitution sting at Washington truck stop

Heated Situation, Cool Head

A trucker keeps calm as a mentally unstable man threatens him with a bomb.
Santa Barbara Accidentvideo

Trucker Killed, Family of 3 Teeter From Bridge – A Daring Rescue

Read about a dangerous crash and a daring rescue in southern California, after a truck driver lost control of his semi.
Don Schneider

Don Schneider of Schneider National Passes at 76

One of trucking's long time leaders loses a battle with Alzheimers today, January 13th, 2012.
CPR by couple save trucker

Driver’s Life Saved By Couple’s Quick Thinking

An Oregon couple springs into action and literally save the life of a trucker in need. Way to go!

EPA Standards: Are Lobbyists Lying About The Real Costs?

Are some media outlets making false claims about the costs from the EPA's new fuel standards? Some watchdog groups say "Yes."
Trucking and Transportation News

The Pre-Trip Inspection | Jan 9 – 15

Get news about issues involving the Trucking and Transportation Industries here all week. Updated daily.

Thom Albrecht – 12 Things I Think About Freight In 2012

Surface transportation analyst Thom Albrecht gives his thoughts on key transportation industry issues from 2011 through 2012 and how to think strategically about improvements.
TCA Safety Professional 2012

30 Year Trucking Veteran Named TCA’s “2012 Highway Angel”

Guy Knudsen not only saved a crash victim's life, but nearly lost his own while trying to warn others of the hidden wreckage ahead shrouded in fog.
Women in Trucking CDL Life

Submit Nominations for “Influential Women in Trucking”

Nominate your choice for lady leaders in trucking. You have until January 31st!
Red Truck

Typical Trucker’s Luck – Highway Robbery

Remember truckers - if you're pulled over, stay in the cab!
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