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Diamond International Announces Expansion

Diamond International announces building of a new facility and new jobs in Springfield, Missouri.

Trucker: GPS Sent Me Astray

While technology is helpful, it could also get you in trouble. More truckers having issues with GPS.
Fuel Standards for Ethanol Revised

EPA Revising Ethanol Fuel Standards

The Obama administration is loosening Ethanol standards in order to get the "renewable" fuel more readily-accepted by station owners and commuters.

Trucking down 1,900 jobs in March

The Bureau of Labor Statistics' report shows trucking jobs down 1,900 in March. However, the numbers may be deceiving.
Future of Pride & Profit design 2012

Daimler Recalls Two 2012 Semi Truck Models

If you purchased specific models of Daimler semi trucks, a safety recall has been issued. Find out what trucks and who to contact about servicing.

Schneider Salutes Members of the Military

Schneider National announces new recruitment program for members of the military. The company announced they will be adding hundreds of jobs for those in or out of the military. Find out if you qualify.

Florida Highway Patrol Campaigns to End Aggressive Driving

"Cutting off a big truck could cost you a fine, if you survive," comes the message from the Florida Highway Patrol, which in conjunction with the Florida Trucking Association is making sure the message hits home with a safety campaign through April 4
Toll Roads

Arizona Moves Closer To Toll Roads

An authorized bill from lawmakers reveals Arizona's plan to construct new toll roads with the help of private companies.
Trucking and Transportation Legal Issues from CDL Life

Bipartisan FET Repeal Bill Introduced in U.S. House

Legislation to repeal the 12% federal excise tax on truck and trailer purchases and replace it with an increase in the diesel fuel tax has been introduced. Is this more fair to truckers or fleets?

Big Oil 3 Settle In “Hot Fuel” Lawsuit

Three large oil companies have decided to settle in the so-called "Hot Fuel" debate in court.
Driver's Letter Shows How You Can Make Trucker's Voices Heard In Washington

Pennsylvania Approves Privatization of Highways

More tolls and fees could be in store for truckers if Pennsylvania passes a bill to privatize all roads and bridges in 2012.
Motorist Stabs Trucker During Road Rage Incident

New “Safety Corridors” Proposed for Kansas

Been stung with a speeding ticket? Kansas is ready to capitalize on your misfortune...
Maine Highway Study 2012

Maine Statehouse Funds Transnational Highway Study

Maine sets aside $300,000 for a privately-funded highway connecting the state to two Canadian provinces.

Arkansas Truckers May See Tax Break By Summer

Do you live in Arkansas and need to buy a new truck? If so, we have some good news for you.
Sleep Apnea And Speed Limiter Regulations Stall Under Trump5

Driver’s React to ATA’s Push For Speed Limiters

Opinions are split on the ATA's recommendation to mandate all trucks' speed to 65 mph. Most are just fed up with government over-regulation.
FMCSA Announces $1 Million For Military Veteran CDL Training

Veterans Scholarships Offered by Swift Trucking

Trucking company offers jobs to military veterans and those in the Guard and Reserves. Find out how to qualify inside.
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