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Twister Lifts Trucker Across Highway

Harrisburg, Illinois Tornado Takes Trucker On Wild Ride

A twister in Harrisburg, Illinois takes trucker on wild ride. See a photo of the carnage.
Dept. Homeland Security Trucking Rule

TWIC Fingerprint Security Proposed for DHS Ruling

Dept. of Homeland Security wishes to make the TWIC fingerprint port trucking program into a regulation ruling. Find out what this would mean for carriers and budgets.
Hoffa Faces Off Against FMCSA

Teamsters’ Hoffa Unloads on Mexican Pilot Program

Teamster President Jim Hoffa files suit against the FMCSA's Mexican Pilot Program and then launches a press offensive.
ACT Trucking Industry Projections 2012

Commercial Vehicle Orders Down But Remain Encouraging

The trucking industry will outperform the U.S. economy this year, with truck freight growing 3.9 percent, greater than overall GDP, according to FTR Associates.
February 17th Trucking Newsvideo

This Week’s Trucking News Central Weekly News Recap

This week on Trucking News Central...
TCA Safety Professional 2012

TCA Approves 65 Mph Speed Limiters

If the TCA gets their way, all long haul semi trucks will soon be governed to 65 mph.
Trucking and Transportation News

$109 Billion Transportation Bill Still Being Debated

If Democrats and Republicans can't agree on the new Surface Transportation Bill by March 31st, job losses could be devastating.
Woman In Trucking

Joyce Brenny Named Most “Influential Woman in Trucking”

This week Navistar, WIT and the TCA announced the "Most Influential Woman in Trucking."
California Air

Clean Diesel Advances in 2012 Report

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) released a report detailing how much cleaner diesel fuel burns in today's trucks. Find out just how clean inside...
Truckers Logging Charity for Kids

Log Truckers Raise Thousands for Childrens’ Hospitals

Truckers and loggers from the timber industry have raised millions of dollars to date for Oregon health clinics designed to help neonatal care for babies born at risk.
Gun Control Issues for Truckers

State Supreme Court Affirms Campus Conceal & Carry Law

The Colorado Supreme Court overruled University of Colorado Board of Regents decision to ban conceal & carry on campus, citing it as contrary to the state's constitution.
Missouri Trucking Tax Exemption 2012

New Missouri Trucking Bills Prevent Excess Taxes

Missouri lawmakers are trying to ensure that certain trucking tax exemptions will be signed into law soon. Find out if your routes are affected.
New Jersey Lawmakers Vs. Truckers

New Jersey Bill Clouds Owner/Operator Roles

Trucking Industry groups are facing off against New Jersey lawmakers who seek to redefine owner/operator duties on company payrolls.
Trucking News Central with CDL Life

Trucking News Central: March 2, 2012

Thanks for tuning in to Trucking News Central! This week we talk about the best GPS for truckers, Trucking gear to save you fuel, the mothers of trucking, stopping human trafficking at truck stops,...

Drug War May Catch Truckers by Surprise In Ohio

An Ohio senator, backed by a governor's drug initiative could cause unforeseen problems for law-abiding truckers.
Arkansas Tax Break Repeal Trucking

Truckers, Lawmakers Square Off Over Tax Break

It's just about a classic case of "damned if you do, damned if you don't." Lawmakers pit trucker's budgets against improving road quality in Arkansas.
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