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Two Major Trucking Companies Offer Team Bonuses

Two major carriers offer handsome bonuses. Get the details here.
Ban For Drivers Nationwide

LaHood Calls for Ban on Cell Phone Use For All Drivers

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood called for a federal ban on cell phone use while driving, but others in the industry disagree with him. What do you think? Also, take a look at state-by-state cell phone laws.

KHP Rides Along With Truckers

Kansas State Highway Patrol rides a mile in trucker's moccasins.
Volvo Emissions

Volvo Sales: First Quarter Looks Good for 2012

Volvo reports better than expected numbers for the first quarter. Is it a sign of a strengthening economy?

Three Midwest Truck Stops Plug-In

Two truck stops in Nebraska and one in Iowa are getting a major power upgrade. Drivers, find out where you need to go and what equipment you'll need to plug-in to the power grid.

Truckers, Name That Burger

Travel Centers of America and Petro Iron Skillet want drivers to, "Name That Burger" for a chance to earn 25,000 points. Check out the burger's ingredients and find out how to submit your burger's name.
New Jersey Toll Hike Jessica's Law

Fines Increase for Aggressive Driving in New Jersey

"Jessica's Law" has gone into effect in New Jersey. It aims to curb aggressive behavior on highways, which is an immediate concern of many truckers.
Missouri Toll Road Plan Stalls

Toll Road Proposal for I-70 Missouri Stalling

Missouri Senate Bill 752 appears to lack enough support to pass committee. I-70 continues to degrade without funding. What are the options?

FMCSA Backpedles on Sleep Apnea Announcement

The FMCSA is backpedling on an announcement made on Friday about sleep apnea guidelines. What doe it mean for you?

Congested California Freeway To Be Widened

A heavily traveled California freeway will soon be getting a major upgrade. Find out where.
Trucking Tonnage In Marchvideo

VIDEO: Trucking Tonnage Inches Up Slightly In March

Video and report: March trucking index totals, reported by the American Trucking Association Chief Economist, Bill Costillo.

Happy 5th Birthday, Women in Trucking

Women in Trucking is celebrating a milestone birthday. To learn more about the organization and how it got its start, check out this article.

Truckers Invited to Tour Retread Plants

TRIB invites drivers to tour one of the many retreaded tire plants across the country. Get the details here.

Hero Truck Driver Wrestles Gun-Toting Robber

You won't believe what an Arco truck driver did at an AM/PM convenience store. Many are calling the truck driver a hero.
LISTEN: Hear The Extraordinary Story Of The Rescuers Who Saved Reginald Denny

L.A. Riots: 25 Years Later

Millions of viewers watched, riveted, as angry rioters pulled truck driver Reginald Denny from his truck and ruthlessly beat him. Take a look back at the day's events, twenty years later.

Teacher Fires Blanks at Students’ Heads Execution-Style

High school students have been known to drive their teachers crazy, but what would provoke a teacher to do this?
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