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Typical Trucker’s Luck – Highway Robbery

Remember truckers - if you're pulled over, stay in the cab!
Trucking and Transportation News

The Pre-Trip Inspection | Jan. 2 – 8

Get a look at some quick, capsulized news stories that concern every truck driver and transportation industry worker each week.
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2011’s Story of the Year – REGULATION

It should come as no surprise to anyone in the transportation industry that federal and state regulation has been the top topic for 2011. Review what happened here.
5 am could be the new starting gun for truck traffic

2012 HOS Rule – Shipping Co’s Aren’t Happy

Once again, new regulatory policy out of Washington passes because it looks good on paper, but does it work in real life?
TCA Safety Professional 2012

TCA Names 2011 “Highway Angel”

TCA announced and celebrated the recipient of their 2011 Highway Angel award dedicated to a life-saving trucker.
Trucking and Transportation News

The Pre-Trip Inspection Dec. 19 – 26

News about the trucking and transportation industry condensed into a short format. This week, the FMCSA's hand-held cell ban, fuel tampering lawsuits and more...
VIDEO: Why truck drivers deserve more respect

The Transportation Industry: It’s F**king Big

We knew the numbers were big, but we didn't know they'd be THIS big. Take a look at an infographic that gives an impression of the size of Transportation.
Reporting Unsafe Drivers CDL Life

Reporting Dangerous Drivers

Sometimes truck drivers see something on the road that's just plain unacceptable. We want you to know what you can do to make our roads safer.
Working for your wrong carrier can put you and your truck in danger

Are You Working for an Honorable Carrier?

You get the call from a carrier who has an interesting proposition. Are you able to trust them? Arm yourself with info by getting the carrier's FMCSA rating report online.

America’s Broken Bridges Now Out of Control

The condition of our nation's highways is becoming hazardous. How has it come to this?
Truckers Save Xmas Retail

INFOGRAPHIC: WalMart Is a Retail Gargantua

Take a look at how truckers may have saved WalMart millions in just days by stepping up in place of rail freight during tense union negotiations.
Rail Worker Strike

Dec. 6 Rail Worker Strike Narrowly Averted

Federally appointed negotiators and 12 of the 13 rail worker unions settled disputes mere hours before the Dec. 6th strike was to begin. Who benefited?
Truck Driver, Trooper Rescue Man, Dog From Burning Vehicle

Everyday Truckers Who are Heroes

Why do truckers never make the news as working class heroes? Read why this long haul trucker won a prestigious award and a $10,000 prize.
Dangerous Driving Threatens Truckers

What States are Most Dangerous for Drivers?

Uninformed, distracted and unskilled drivers can be the most dangerous things in a truck driver€™s life. We decided to find out which state the most of these types of drivers lived in.
Truck Drivers in Dubai have crappy jobs

Trucking Jobs in Dubai that Stink (Literally)

The Dubai skyscrapers are literally filling up their water systems with human waste and it had nowhere to go. That is, until professional tractor trailer drivers showed up to do a job that sounds like one of the worst you could ever get.
Weekly Trucking andTransportation News

The Pre-Trip Inspection Nov. 14 – 19

The Pre-Trip Inspection is your daily spot for news from all around the transportation industry. Before you hook up and head out, be sure to check with us for the most recent happenings.
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