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Trucker Meets Twister Head On

Minnesota trucker came face-to-face with a tornado in Iowa. It's a driver's nightmare.

Enter the “Faces of Transportation” Photo Contest

A photo contest, that represents the transportation industry, is open to the general public. Find out who can submit their photos and what the prizes are.
2012 Trucking Trends from ATA Report

ATA Releases the 2012 Edition of American Trucking Trends

The ATA released its annual edition of American Trucking Trends for 2012. How much gasoline did trucks use last year? What is the percentage of women and minority truckers? Find out here.
Big Rig Safety from MODOT

Missouri DOT and Law Enforcement Introduce Truck Program

The Department of Transportation in Missouri has created a new program designed to alert young drivers to the hazards of distraction when driving near semi trucks.
White Truck

Another Great Company Stepping Up to Help Veterans

Sadly, veterans have a high rate of unemployment. Trucking companies are stepping up and offering jobs for veterans. This Missouri company is offering jobs and apprenticeships for veterans.

Pakistan’s Beautiful, Colorful Trucks

Kansas City artist Asheer Akram's photo essay of colorful and beautiful trucks in Pakistan, as well as a full length interview with Akram. Check it out.
TSA Officer Drug Bust 2012

Second TSA Officer Busted in Drug Sting

A former Transportation Security Administration officer was indicted this week in a painkiller trafficking ring. And he's not the first to get caught, either...

Goodyear Tire Endures 367 Punctures Without Losing Pressure

Attendees at this year's MATS were invited to drill holes into a Goodyear DuraSeal tire. The tire was punctured with 367 nails and still retained its pressure. Find out more about the tire and its limitations.

Space Shuttle “Discovery’s” Final Flight

Today marks the end of NASA's shuttle program. The shuttle Discovery took flight for its final mission, heading to its final resting place at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington.

States Proposing Ban On Driving With Pets

Rhode Island and Tennessee may be imposing a ban on unrestrained pets. Find out the states are in the legislation process.
Human Trafficking Watchdog

Minnesota Trucking Association Joins Truckers Against Trafficking

The MTA is the latest professional transportation group to join the fight against the human trafficking trade in North America. Find out how you can help too!
FMCSA Places Carrier Out Of Service

FMCSA Shuts Down New Jersey Carrier

The FMCSA is singing "Another One Bites the Dust," after it ordered 2 trucking companies out of service. Check out this article to find out this companies dirty deeds.
Titanic Ship

Remembering the Titanic: 100 Years Later

The story of the doomed Titanic has captured the attention of many for generations. Read some facts about the ship and the some facts about the ship's last hours.

New Survey Shows More Carriers Complying with CSA Regulations

A recent study done by Truck Capital Partners reveal the number of carriers actively working toward CSA compliance and the steps they're taking to ensure compliance. Find out the percentage the the steps they're taking to do so.

122 Tornados Swept Across 4 States, Killing 5 and Virtually Wiping an Iowa Town...

A destructive storm front ripped its way across the Midwest this weekend. The storm spawned more than 100 tornados, killed 5 and injured many. The storm is working its way north and is said to hit Wisonsin, Minnesota, and Iowa on Sunday.

Kansas Trucking Company to Slash 126 Jobs

Kansas based trucking company to cut 126 jobs in April. Find out which facilities will be affected.
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