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Truckin’ ain’t easy! That’s why CDLLife is dedicated to truck driver entertainment. It’s random, it’s funny, it’s weird… it’s all here!

Trucking country singer says truckers ‘don’t shut down when our fellow Americans need us...

A country singer and prominent figure in the trucking community says that now is not the time for drivers to voice their grievances with a driver shutdown.

‘Texas Hammer’ truck wreck lawyer sues ‘Alabama Hammer’ for stealing his shtick

A personal injury lawyer from Texas famous for wild TV ads featuring himself wielding a hammer against big rigs has sued another lawyer from Alabama for copying his commercials.

Watch as a pup who spent at least 5 months on his own at...

The Dodo recently shared the story of a pit bull named JJ who was finally rescued after months of wandering alone at at truck stop.

Furry co-pilots are the star of truck maker’s breezy new commercial

Volvo Trucks North America focused on truckers' four-legged best friends in their grin-inducing new ad campaign.

NASCAR paint scheme shows appreciation for America’s hardworking truck drivers

The Pilot Flying J Chevrolet taking part in an upcoming race will feature pro-trucker branding.

‘Jon Bon Jovi Service Area’ — NJ to rename Turnpike service areas for celebrities

This week, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced that several of the state's service areas on the Garden State Parkway would be renamed for celebrities who hail from the state.

Nebraska ‘Pedal Tractor Pull’ confirms trucking is a family affair

A county fair in Nebraska offered kiddos a chance to do a bit of smaller-scale trucking over the weekend, confirming that trucking can be a family affair.  The ‘Pedal...

Here’s the story behind trucking serial killer Dr. No’s reign of terror on America’s...

Decades ago, the crimes of a highway villain known only by the name of "Dr.No" at the time, left many American's fearing their own safety out on the roads.  

Company debuts world’s first ever whiskey aged in a semi truck traveling cross country

A Vermont-based company is rolling out a unique rye whiskey aged in barrels loaded into the the trailer of a truck traveling cross country.

VIDEO: Hollywood star says filming ‘Ice Road’ taught him ‘respect for these truck drivers’

In an interview promoting the new movie "The Ice Road," Hollywood star Liam Neeson shares new insights he gained about the trucking industry while filming.

WATCH: Video shows adorable way trucking runs in this family

A trucker and his son share a special bond over trucking in this cute video clip. In the footage, a semi-truck can be seen driving alongside his...

These drivers show what really makes them “true old-school outlaw truckers”

Do you make the cut of being considered a "true old-school outlaw trucker?" In a TikTok video posted by thetonyjustice, he challenges his audience to prove their status as true old-school drivers...

Watch how this ‘trucker’s girl’ preps for her driver to come home after a...

A TikTok user gives viewers a look into how she cleans and preps for her truck driver to come home after weeks on the road.

VIDEO: This ‘CB McHaul’ toy commercial is brimming with trucking nostalgia

A commercial for a 1977 series of trucking toys might just whisk you back to your childhood and the trucker culture that inspired you to get behind the wheel.

Trucking board game almost ready for launch

An Australian truck driver and recruiter is finally ready to release a trucking-themed board game that’s been in the making for more than 20 years.  Trefor Jones spent several...

Free children’s book and coloring book inspires next generation of drivers

A newly released trucking inspired children's book and coloring book set aims to highlight the importance of the industry to the next generation of drivers.   Author, Sophia Sniegowski Begidzhanov,...
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