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VIDEO: Peterbilt ‘destroys turbo and catches fire’ at Onaway Speedway

Flames shoot from the stack of a truck participating in a loaded race at the Onaway Speedway as it crosses the finish line in this wild video.

Prominent trucking TikToker perishes following a crash in Kansas

A truck driver with hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok lost his life in a crash in Kansas last week.

New trucking movie features a female driver in a battle against human traffickers to...

A movie premiering at the end of the month pits a trucker against human traffickers and the FBI in a desperate bid to save a girl she was forced into transporting.

Teen who crashed into semi trailer was watching ‘Stranger Things’ on her phone, Minnesota...

Minnesota police say that a distracted driver likely owes her life to the quick thinking of a semi truck driver who was able to swerve to avoid a more serious crash.

VIDEO: Old school truck driver reacts to trucking scenes in Hollywood movies

In this entertaining watch from ET Transport, an experienced truck driver shares his thoughts on whether Hollywood got it right -- or very wrong -- in scenes featuring big rigs.

Family reveals suspected cause of fatal SHOCKWAVE jet truck crash

The father of the driver who lost his life while driving a fan-favorite jet-powered semi truck has provided new information on what he believes led to the fatal crash.

SHOCKWAVE jet truck driver killed in accident at Michigan air show

The driver of a popular jet powered truck died in an accident at an air show in Battle Creek over the weekend.

Watch the inaugural Kenworth truck parade at Ohio manufacturing plant

This year marked the first ever Kenworth Truck Parade featuring dozens of new, classic and customized Kenworth trucks.

VIDEO: These truckers are downright delighted that they can fit their big rig through...

Team truckers are appreciative that a Taco Bell in Nebraska was able to accommodate them in their drive-thru.

Owner of small trucking company shares dire warning about the consequences of high diesel...

A social media post written by the owner of a small trucking company recently went viral for offering readers alarming insight into how skyrocketing diesel prices are pushing an already struggling industry...

VIDEO: Get a bird’s eye view of the Enjoy Illinois 300 NASCAR Haulers Parade

Get an aerial view of the NASCAR Haulers Parade happening ahead of the Enjoy Illinois 300 NASCAR Cup Series.

Country singer does Jerry Reed right with his ‘Eastbound and Down’ cover

A popular country music singer released a cover of the classic trucking song "Eastbound and Down.

Watch as hundreds of Trans Ams convoy through Texarkana for ‘Smokey and the Bandit’...

Check out drone video of the beginning of the "Bandit Run" -- an annual event held as tribute to the iconic trucking movie "Smokey and the Bandit."
Speed Limiters

Truckers sound off on FMCSA’s speed limiter mandate, say the rule will trigger road...

Thousands of truckers and trucking industry stakeholders have commented on a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) plan to push forward with rulemaking to require speed limiting devices on trucks.

This video breaks down why U.S. truckers feel frustrated and unappreciated

This video provides users with an eye-opening look at the challenges of working in the trucking industry in 2022.

WATCH: YouTube stars with no trucking experience try to drive big rigs

Get ready to grind your teeth a little as YouTube content creators "The Try Guys" test their (nonexistent) trucking skills.