LISTEN: Truck Driver And Author Dishes About The Trucking Industry

Listen as long haul truck driver and author of The Long Haul: A Trucker's Tale Of Life On the Road Finn Murphy talks about his new book and the trucking lifestyle with the Baltimore Sun's...
Survey Ranks Top Trucking Concerns For 2016

Short Story: Heartbreaking Father And Son Sacrifice

CDLLife reader Midnight Runner sent in this gut-wrenching piece of short fiction about a man's encounter with a new truck driver who sacrificed everything to save the lives of others -- and how he...
Mile Marker 129

POEM: Mile Marker 129

Mile Marker 129 By RLC Many have asked How can I do what I do Stay gone all the time Missing all of you Many of you know What it is to feel free With wind in your hair By a...
Trucks Are Killing Us

“Trucks Are Killing Us”: Trucking Industry Angered Over NY Times Op-Ed

Members of the trucking industry are seething over a New York Times op-ed piece entitled "Trucks Are Killing Us" written by former American Trucking Association executive Howard Abramson who also acted as the former editor...
Trucker Ghost Stories

Book Review: Trucker Ghost Stories

Sometimes as a trucker, you have an experience so strange you can't keep it to yourself. So you tell everyone at the fuel station, write about it on Reddit -- or if your experience is compelling enough, you share it in a book.

Audible: May 2015 New Releases

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Audible: April New Releases

While driving long stretches of highway, why not try an audiobook to help pass the time? An intricate plot, characters, and narrative may be all you need to help pass the time. You’ll reach your destination before you know it!

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From page to screen, Maze Runner has attracted a lot of attention over the past year.

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Truck Driver Publishes Book on His Life

Audible Book Review: ‘Revival’

Steven King is a literary genius. His new book, 'Revival' does not disappoint.

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GraphicAudio Review: Shadow Ops

Control point follows army officer Oscar Britton, a lieutenant in the military’s Supernatural Operations Corps.

Graphic Audio Review: Boneshaker

You're in your truck, with miles and miles to go. You're tired of the same old audio book you've been listening to for the past few nights. What do you do?

Audible Top Seller: Gone Girl

If you are looking for something to pass the time on the road and enjoy a good mystery/thriller, you should definitely check out Gone Girl by Author Gillian Flynn.
Mobile Library NSWvideo

VIDEO: A Day In The Life Of A Mobile Library Bloke

A day in the life of Riverina Regional Library's Mobile Library Operator.