Elf on the Shelf: Trucking Edition

The Elf on the Shelf phenomenon has gained popularity over the years and the trucking community has decided to add their own flair to the tradition. Families search...

Tik Tok, the trucking don’t stop: Meet the trucking ladies taking over this viral...

In a world where truck drivers are often underappreciated, or even forgotten, truckers have taken to TikTok to share relatable trucker moments, funny trucking antics, and even their view of life out...

This Freightliner parody video is still one of the funniest things on the trucking...

Nearly five years after it was initially shared, a video from comedian Amiri King still makes the rounds in trucking social media circles because of its brutally hilarious takedown of Freightliner drivers.

This super trucker’s advice on wearing a mask is the chuckle you need today

If you're a little tired of all of the Coronavirus gloom and doom, check out this funny "Billy Bigrigger" video on how to properly wear a mask.
Trucker WTFs

Video ranks ‘Top 10 Trucker WTF’ moments

You have to admit it -- being a trucker is one of the strangest jobs out there.
Midwest Winter Driving School

This video about midwest winter driving is funny because it’s true

If you've ever spent any time on the road in the midwest while winter weather is in full effect, you'll appreciate this comedic send up from comedian Charlie Berens.
Caspar the Camel

Truck stop billboard pokes fun at viral camel biting incident

A Louisiana truck stop is making the most of their viral fame by erecting new tongue-in-cheek billboards to entice travelers in for a "bite."
Sailboat Fuel

Trucker has perfect answer for cop who asked ‘What’re you hauling?’

A trucker has a little fun at a police officer's expense during a roadside inspection.
Volvo Cash Machine

Truck manufacturer calls their new model a ‘cash machine’ for truck drivers

A new commercial for Volvo Trucks asks truckers to imagine what a life of luxury on the road could be like.

Troopers make savory discovery during Level I inspection

The California Highway Patrol took to Facebook on Monday morning to highlight one trucker's unusual food preparation technique.
Top 8 things that your dispatcher wishes you knew

Here are 8 things that your dispatcher wishes you knew

It seems you can't have one without the other. Drivers need dispatchers and dispatchers need drivers. However, that relationship can be hard to manage at best at times. While I am a trained journalist, I...
17 hilariously awful pieces of bad trucker advice

17 hilariously awful pieces of bad trucking advice

Since its inception in September, the Twitter account @badtruckadvice has been dispensing some real pearls of trucking wisdom for those Billy Big Riggers out there. Do read -- but for the love of God, do...

“Oh the things you’ll see…”

Reddit user I_Post_Pics submitted this photo to the Truckers Subreddit earlier this week. Some of the most entertaining comments were as follows: "Totally should have used nylon straps!" "3/8" chain is good for 2000 kg (6600 lbs). You...
British Trucker's Bizarre Tattoo Goes Viral

British Trucker’s Bizarre Tattoo Goes Viral

An English trucker's new tattoo has many people laughing -- and many more scratching their heads. The "interactive" tattoo moves with the body of trucker Kenny Ollerenshaw and makes it look as if he is driving...
TMAF Debuts Cute Mascot, Wants You To Help Name Him

TMAF Debuts Cute Mascot, Wants You To Help Name Him

Yesterday the Trucking Moves America Forward campaign debuted their new mascot -- but he doesn't have a name yet! The new mascot definitely looks like he stepped straight out of the movie "Cars", but at...
PHOTOS: "This Is Why The Bridge Collapsed"

PHOTOS: “This Is Why The Bridge Collapsed”

The Winneshiek County Sheriff's Office says that a big truck is to blame for the collapse of a little bridge across the Upper Iowa River today, remarking in a Facebook post that "this is...
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