Truck Name Generator

CDLLife Truck Name Generator

Check out this 'Truck Name Generator!' Match your birth month, tractor color, and the last digit of your truck number (in that order) to find out what you should be calling your rig!
Avoiding Rookie Mistakes

How Not To Be A Truck Driver: 4 Major Rookie Mistakes (And How To...

Running out of fuel. Relying too heavily on GPS and getting lost. Accidentally going over on hours... What do these things have in common? They are some of the biggest rookie mistakes. There are always a lot...

Top 5 Myths About Truck Drivers

We've noticed that people who are not in the trucking industry have absolutely no clue what it's really like! We're here to help everyone get their facts straight by debunking the top 5 myths about truck drivers!
Movie Quiz

TRUCK DRIVER QUIZ: Do You Know Trucker Movie Trivia?

Think you know everything about trucking movies? Prove it with this trucker movie trivia quiz!

Reddit Asks Police Officers For Funny Stories

We stumbled onto a little pile of gold last Thursday on reddit. The thread started with an excellent question, 'Police of reddit, what is the funniest thing someone you are arresting has said?' We've selected a...
Scariest Trucking Moments

Drivers Share Their Scariest, Most Bizarre Trucking Moments

Read about some crazy, gross, funny, scary and bizarre trucking tales. They will make you laugh, cringe and give you chills. You're welcome and I'm sorry.

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your CB Slang?

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your CB Slang?
Truck Driver If Quiz

QUIZ: You Might Be A Truck Driver If…

Consider yourself to be a seasoned truck driver? Take this quiz to find out how you rank!
Harmless Things

Seemingly Harmless Things That Are Really Bad For Truck Drivers

You know the biggest threats that you face out there on the road -- distracted drivers, bad weather conditions, and road rage. But there are other things that you probably encounter every day that can...
Honk Hornvideo

VIDEO: Drivers Blast Air Horns For Kids

The only thing cuter than a kid pumping their arm in hopes of hearing the air horn in return... is their reaction after the driver complies!
Chelsea 80MPHvideo

VIDEO: “If you’re driving 80 mph, how long does it take you to drive...

Figuring the math sounds simple enough, right. Not for this adorable blonde. Listen to her rationale.
Crazy Construction Accidentvideo

VIDEO: Construction Accident Caught On Film

A how not-to video. We sure hope they were insured.
Movie Stereotypes

The 5 Most Unrealistic Trucker Stereotypes In Movies

There are a ton of movies about trucking out there, but not very many of them do a very good job of showing what like is really like on the road. What's worse, a...

VIDEO: Truck driver trolls Steve Harvey about wearing panties

Umm... Did the Steve Harvey show just get trolled by a truck driver!?

Dump Truck Driver’s Advice To Motorists

This dump truck driver has a little piece of advice for the motorists behind him!