Coors Truck

Coors Truck Pulls Up Next To Window, Prompts Double-Take

"Coors truck pulled up next to my friend's window and she had to do a double take."
No Loitering

Photo Set: Ridiculous Signs Spotted By CDLLife Readers

Check out his hilarious photo set of ridiculous signs spotted in public by our CDLLife readers!
How To Haul Sand

PHOTO: How To Transport Sand

Perhaps there's a better way to transport sand...
Pretend Roadwork

Pretend Roadwork

"Pretend Roadwork!" - This is definitely a thought that's crossed all of our minds at one time or another!
Truck Name Generator

CDLLife Truck Name Generator

Check out this 'Truck Name Generator!' Match your birth month, tractor color, and the last digit of your truck number (in that order) to find out what you should be calling your rig!
Bacardi and Pepsi

Maybe Just A Little Fender-Bender…

Reddit user, 'tron1977' is 'Praying for an accident.' We wouldn't go that far... but a little fender-bender wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings!
PhotoSet: GPS-Driver Fail

PhotoSet: GPS-Driver Fail

Lee said it best, "Too many drivers are not paying attention to their surrounds and relying too much on their GPS. If only they would learn to pay attention to their surroundings, accidents like this could be avoided. I think that's what I'm hoping some drivers get from these pics and this story, is to rely more on their common sense than a device."

Dump Truck Driver’s Advice To Motorists

This dump truck driver has a little piece of advice for the motorists behind him!
Joke: A Truck Driver's Duty

Joke: A Truck Driver’s Duty

Truck Driver Joke of the Day.

MEME: Hooray I’m Helping!

We got a chuckle out of this clever little meme!
Wedged Pickupvideo

VIDEO: Wedged Pickup Truck Halts I-70 Traffic

I-70 Eastbound near Aurora Colorado’s Colfax Avenue reopened Friday around 5:47 p.m. after a wedged pickup was dislodged from its resting place.
Caption Contest

CDLLife Caption Contest

Caption with the most likes wins! If you have a photo that’s caption contest-worthy, to [email protected] – we’d love to share it!
Turkey Vs Windshield

Turkey vs. Windshield

Steven, one of our CDLLife readers had quite a shock today when a turkey came out of a ditch and landed in his lap!
You Might Be A Trucker If

You Might Be A Trucker If….

You Might Be A Trucker If...

The Second Before Everything Ceased To Exist

Comic: The Second Before Everything Ceased To Exist
Hilarious Accident Voicemailvideo

VIDEO: Voicemail Accident Hilarious

Listen to this hilarious voicemail left by a man who's running late for work as he witnesses a minor traffic accident, and narrates the aftermath!