Things Football Coaches Might Sayvideo

VIDEO: Things Football Coaches And Players (Might) Say During Games

Check out this funny video of someone lip reading what NFL players and coaches say on the sidelines and during games.
Elevator Ghostvideo

VIDEO: Ghost In The Elevator Prank

We have to admit, this is a good one. Some TV producers in Brazil thought up a good prank to play on unsuspecting people who were guided to an elevator by an administrative assistant.
Fisherman Croc Surprisevideo

VIDEO: Get This Fisherman A Diaper

Check out this guy's hilarious reaction when his boat gets too close to a gator.

VIDEO: Lady Wants Deer Signs Moved

This lady is angry over the placement of deer crossing signs and says the signs should be placed in safer crossing zones for the deer.
Cows Partyvideo

VIDEO: Party ‘Til The Cows Come Home

A group of party animals crash a backyard get together.
Crazy Construction Accidentvideo

VIDEO: Construction Accident Caught On Film

A how not-to video. We sure hope they were insured.
Chelsea 80MPHvideo

VIDEO: “If you’re driving 80 mph, how long does it take you to drive...

Figuring the math sounds simple enough, right. Not for this adorable blonde. Listen to her rationale.
Big Rig BBQvideo

Big Rig Barbecue: Top Gear Sets Off A Trailer Full Of Fireworks

The first episode of Top Gear, Season 2 has cast and crew lighting up the landscape by setting fire to a trailer full of fireworks while driving down the highway!
Guy On A Buffalovideo

VIDEO: Guy On A Buffalo

Some clever people have made a new internet sensation out of a long-forgotten frontier movie. See both.
Top Gearvideo

Top Gear TV Hosts Try to Drive Big Rigs

Hosts of the popular BBC series Top Gear try their hands at driving semi trucks. It doesn't go well.