VIDEO: Truck Driver's Logbook Cartoonvideo

VIDEO: Truck Driver’s Logbook Cartoon

With Roadcheck just around the corner, we thought it was the perfect time to share this funny cartoon.
Awww Walmart

Awww! Walmart Needed A Hug!

Awww! Walmart needed a hug!
Coors Truck

Coors Truck Pulls Up Next To Window, Prompts Double-Take

"Coors truck pulled up next to my friend's window and she had to do a double take."
No Loitering

Photo Set: Ridiculous Signs Spotted By CDLLife Readers

Check out his hilarious photo set of ridiculous signs spotted in public by our CDLLife readers!
Wrong Button

… Oops, Wrong Button!

An unfortunate chemical plant worker in the Netherlands mistook the fire alarm for a doorbell last week... oops.

MEME: Hooray I’m Helping!

We got a chuckle out of this clever little meme!
Study: Millennials Are The Nation's Most Dangerous Drivers

5 Of The Most Annoying Types Of Drivers On The Road

When you have to share the road with 4-wheelers for 11 hours a day, you develop a new superpower -- the ability to sort awful drivers into categories. Here are 5 types of motorists...

Top 5 Weird Ways That Music Changes The Way People Drive

Think that it doesn't much matter what song comes onto the radio next? Think again. Music has a surprising impact on the brain -- and on driving ability. Whether you're a truck driver or just an average...
Joke: A Truck Driver's Duty

Joke: A Truck Driver’s Duty

Truck Driver Joke of the Day.
Passing Side Suicide

← Passing Side | Suicide →

How often do you see these '← Passing Side' | 'Suicide →' decals out on the road?
1970's Trucking Documentaryvideo

Documentary Captures The Glory Days Of 1970’s Trucking

Whether you're an old hand or brand new to the trucking industry, the 1979 documentary "On The Boulevard", full of bull haulers, CB slang, and some impressive 70's trucker fashion, will give you a...

The Second Before Everything Ceased To Exist

Comic: The Second Before Everything Ceased To Exist
Toll Booth Dodging

Toll Trolls: Drivers Take Risks to Dodge Tollbooths

Nobody likes to take the time to pay a toll, but some drivers will stop at nothing to dodge tollbooths all together.
Bacardi and Pepsi

Maybe Just A Little Fender-Bender…

Reddit user, 'tron1977' is 'Praying for an accident.' We wouldn't go that far... but a little fender-bender wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings!
Wedged Pickupvideo

VIDEO: Wedged Pickup Truck Halts I-70 Traffic

I-70 Eastbound near Aurora Colorado’s Colfax Avenue reopened Friday around 5:47 p.m. after a wedged pickup was dislodged from its resting place.
In Case Of Accident Wine Truck

IN CASE OF ACCIDENT: Bring Cheese And Crackers

"IN CASE OF ACCIDENT: Bring Cheese and Crackers. Lets and Lots of Cheese and Crackers."