Duck Dynastyvideo

VIDEO: Duck Dynasty | Roadkill Is A Redneck’s Paycheck

We love Duck Dynasty, and this one always gives us a laugh!
Whats Wrong WIth This Picture

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

What's wrong with this picture!? - Looks like somebody was sleeping on the job!
Wild Bus

Photo: Wild Bus Drinking Water From River

This image of a 'wild bus, drinking water from a river' from Reddit user: oPHILcial, gave us a chuckle!

12 Types Of Trucker Spouses

A list of all the different types of trucker’s spouses I have encountered on my journey along the roadways.
Top Gearvideo

Top Gear TV Hosts Try to Drive Big Rigs

Hosts of the popular BBC series Top Gear try their hands at driving semi trucks. It doesn't go well.
Rules While Dad Is Away

My Crazy Life As A Trucker’s Wife: Rules While Dad Is Away

"I can't use the, "YOU WAIT UNTIL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME!" line anymore... They KNOW!"
Custom Plates

Hilarious & Appropriate Custom Plates

Could this set of custom license plates be any more appropriate?
UPS Tetris Master

UPS Driver Achieves Tetris Level: Expert

This UPS driver has mastered Tetris! Look how perfectly these boxes are stacked!
Beet Driver List

Clever List Of Beet Truck Driver Instructions

These beet truck driver instructions made us chuckle! If you had to list out your day in 4 steps, how would it read?
Caption Contest

CDLLife Caption Contest

Caption with the most likes wins! If you have a photo that’s caption contest-worthy, to [email protected] – we’d love to share it!

VIDEO: Lady Wants Deer Signs Moved

This lady is angry over the placement of deer crossing signs and says the signs should be placed in safer crossing zones for the deer.
It's Company Policy...

It’s Company Policy…

Urine tests, hair tests. What's next?
Minions In Road

40 Foot-Tall Minion Terrorizes Dublin Drivers

Minions -- the little yellow characters from the "Despicable Me" movie franchise -- are known for causing mischief. It was no exception yesterday in Dublin when one of the a 40-foot tall Minion balloon somehow escaped its restraints and blew into traffic in northern Dublin.
Big Rig BBQvideo

Big Rig Barbecue: Top Gear Sets Off A Trailer Full Of Fireworks

The first episode of Top Gear, Season 2 has cast and crew lighting up the landscape by setting fire to a trailer full of fireworks while driving down the highway!
Trucker Selfie

Trucker ‘Selfies’

Check out these sweet Trucker 'Selfies!'
Beats By Dre

♪ Beats By Dre…

We have to admit that there's a striking resemblance to the 'Beats By Dre' headphones here: