Wild Bus

Photo: Wild Bus Drinking Water From River

This image of a 'wild bus, drinking water from a river' from Reddit user: oPHILcial, gave us a chuckle!
Custom Plates

Hilarious & Appropriate Custom Plates

Could this set of custom license plates be any more appropriate?
Estonia State Opera

Estonian State Opera Entrance

This photo was taken at the Estonian State Opera. Have you ever seen a more appropriate parking entrance gate?
Honk Hornvideo

VIDEO: Drivers Blast Air Horns For Kids

The only thing cuter than a kid pumping their arm in hopes of hearing the air horn in return... is their reaction after the driver complies!

Hilarious Vanity Plate

This epic photo captures a vanity plate that is both hilarious and sound road advice! - Enjoy!

“That’s Not What They Mean By Trucks Only”

"That's not what they mean by trucks only." - CDLLife reader, Zack sent this one in to us last night.
Scenic Overlook

What A Nice Scenic Overlook!

Check out this rig, taking advantage of the beautiful scenic overlook! - Take it all in! :)
Here's a little truck humor for you! :)

A Little Truck Humor For You…

Here's a little truck humor for you! :)


Is this 'towception'? - We must go deeper!
Truck Flipped Me Off

… Did That Truck Just Flip Us The Bird?

I think the truck in front of me just flipped me off!
It's Company Policy...

It’s Company Policy…

Urine tests, hair tests. What's next?
Blind man Driving

Well Done, Blind Man

Well done, blind man... well done.
Crank Wheels Down Featured Image

Photo: Crank Wheels Down

'Crank Wheels Down In Direction Of Arrow'... something about this doesn't quite make sense.
Passing Side Suicide

← Passing Side | Suicide →

How often do you see these '← Passing Side' | 'Suicide →' decals out on the road?
Wrong Button

… Oops, Wrong Button!

An unfortunate chemical plant worker in the Netherlands mistook the fire alarm for a doorbell last week... oops.
Chicagos Best Wrappers

… Sorry Kanye!

We stumbled upon this gem, and just had to share! - Sorry Kanye!