Redbox April

Buy the 2012 Oscars “Best Picture” Nominees

Did you miss the 2012 Oscar nominees while they were in the theaters? You can get a look at them right here!
Netflix Featured Image

Streaming Video for Truckers: New Arrivals

Get linked up to some great new streaming video releases. If you have a Netflix membership you can watch now, or if you like what you see, buy the DVD at Amazon.
Cannonball Runvideo

Trucking In the 70s – Cannonball Run

Have a look at the big romp from the 70s that blended big cars, high speed and bombshells.
The Jokers Rigvideo

VIDEO: Get a Closer Look At The Joker’s Rig

Truck driving isn't easy. Stunt Truck Driving really isn't easy. When Christopher Nolan hired his stunt coordinator Paul Jennings for The Dark Knight, he knew he had to find some special drivers.
Duel Trailervideo

VIDEO: Trucking In The 70’s | Spielberg’s “Duel”

Hollywood icon Steven Spielberg chose to film a story about terrorizing truckers in his 1971 feature film debut. Watch it here!
Smoky and the Bandit Clip Snowmanvideo

Trucking In The 70s – Smokey & The Bandit

Law dodging, liquor smuggling, bride stealing good times. How could we hate this mish-mash of trucking and Hollywood?
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