Obsessed With The "Duel" Movie? Check Out "The Devil On Wheels" Projectvideo

VIDEO: Obsessed With The “Duel” Movie? Check Out “The Devil On Wheels” Project

"Duel" was a made for TV movie with no big stars and a rookie director -- yet decades later, it remains an obsession for legions of fans. "The Devil On Wheels" project goes in...
Hauling Danger

CBS2’s “Hauling Danger” Promo Sparks Social Media Backlash

Though the report has yet to air, the promo video for CBS New York's segment "Hauling Danger" has already drawn angry responses for what many feel is an alarmist portrayal of the trucking industry. The...
"Mad Max" Truck And Car Stunts Were Done By Actual Bada$$ Driversvideo

VIDEO: “Mad Max” Truck And Car Stunts Were Done By Actual Bada$$ Drivers

The thing that set George Miller's trucking apocalyptic masterpiece "Mad Max: Fury Road" apart from most other action movies is that almost every single automotive stunt was done in real life -- almost no...
Original "Duel" Truck Preps For Truck Showvideo

VIDEO: Original “Duel” Truck Preps For Truck Show

This video gives you a quick peek at the only surviving original truck from the classic horror movie "Duel." https://youtu.be/Zq_XvZw8D_0 Video Credit:  Charlotte Observer
Get Nostalgic With Vintage 70's Trucking Filmvideo

VIDEO: Get Nostalgic With Vintage 70’s Trucking Film

Get your nostalgia fix with this vintage gem from 1978 about the adventures of an experienced trucker who is surprised when he is asked to train a female student. Entitled "The River of Wealth and Freedom"...

Did This Mustang Just Attempt The “Christmas Vacation” Under The Truck Stunt?

After an accident in Danville, Indiana, left a white Mustang fully lodged under the trailer of a semi, we couldn't help but remember one of our favorite scenes from the comedy classic "National Lampoon's...
Sneak Peak At Documentary On Making Of "Smokey And The Bandit"

Sneak Peak At Documentary On Making Of “Smokey And The Bandit”

Go behind the scenes of maybe the best loved trucking movie of all time -- "Smokey And The Bandit"-- in this trailer for the new documentary "The Bandit" premiering on CMT on August 6...
Check Out The Semi Heath Ledger Drove In "The Dark Knight"video

VIDEO: Check Out The Semi Heath Ledger Drove In “The Dark Knight”

Take a quick peek at this piece of movie memorabilia -- the semi that Heath Ledger drove when he played the Joker in the critically acclaimed film "The Dark Knight." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQcDgkbAi30 Video Credit: Volo Auto Museum
Be Prepared To Stop Movie Trailervideo

Movie Trailer: “Be Prepared To Stop”

Here's an extended trailer for the upcoming documentary "Be Prepared To Stop." The film focuses on the nation's dangerous underfunded interstate systems and the challenges facing the truckers who drive on them everyday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjCXnnE_aPA Video Credit: Be...
Netflix New Releases June

Netflix New Releases: June

Summer is heating up, so kick back and cool off with one of the latest releases coming to Netflix in June! After The Spill This documentary explores what happened to the Louisiana coastline after BP's Deepwater Horizon...
Game Of Thrones Actor Pulls 17 Ton Truckvideo

VIDEO: Game Of Thrones Strongman Pulls 17 Ton Truck

Watch as 6 foot 9 inch, 400 pound Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, who plays the Mountain on "Game of Thrones" pulls a 17 ton truck! Video Credit: TMZ
Redbox New Releases May

Redbox New Releases: May

Stretch your entertainment budget with May's biggest new movies for a very little price at your nearest Redbox! Regression A young woman's shocking allegations against her father lead her to try hypnotic regression -- and to...
Netflix New Releases May

Netflix New Releases: May

The time has come for another round of new releases from Netflix. See what's heading to your device in May! Goosebumps Jack Black stars in this horror comedy in which the creatures from R.L. Stine's beloved...
Hollywood's Jackknife Kingvideo

VIDEO: Meet Hollywood’s “Jackknife King”

This interview features Hollywood legend George Sack, nicknamed the "Jackknife King" for his ability to jackknife a truck at high speeds while staying in control. The video also lets you take a look at Sack's stable...
Netflix April

Netflix New Releases: April

There are some interesting new releases coming to Netflix this month. Read on to see what's going to be at the top of your queue in April! Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyongyang This Showtime documentary...
Darth Vader On CB Radio

James Earl Jones Used To Troll Truckers As Darth Vader On The CB

Imagine that it's the middle of the night. You've been driving for hours. White line fever is setting in. You hear a deep, dark, malevolent voice coming over the CB radio. It sounds so...
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