Trucking music legend C.W. McCall dead at 93

Family members have confirmed that "Convoy" singer C.W. McCall passed away while in hospice care.

Check out this custom Peterbilt created for a rap superstar who comes from a...

The folks at West Coast Customs created a special custom big rig commissioned by rapper Bad Bunny as an homage to his grandfather, father, and uncles in the trucking industry.

This catchy country song commemorates the naked lady who danced on a semi in...

naked woman climbed on top of a semi and began dancing during the morning commute -- and if you've forgotten what happened, here's a song to help you remember!

Trucking country singer says truckers ‘don’t shut down when our fellow Americans need us...

A country singer and prominent figure in the trucking community says that now is not the time for drivers to voice their grievances with a driver shutdown.

Video takes an eye-opening deep dive into 1970s trucker country music

A new video from Vox gives you a fascinating glimpse into the world of trucker country music.

We bet you’ll love the new song ‘Born at a Truck Stop’

Take a listen to the new song from "Bo Duke" actor turned musician John Schneider. The rollicking country tune is called "Born at a Truck Stop" and will appear...

New song ‘Truck On’ pays tribute to America’s hardworking truckers

Actor and musician John Schneider recently debuted a new song inspired by the heroic efforts of America's truck drivers during the COVID-19 crisis.

The ultimate trucking playlist to start off 2021

When you are driving for hours on end sometimes the best way to fill the time is by discovering new music. To start off 2021, we've curated a playlist full of...

Logan Mize and Clare Dunn pay homage to trucking roots with tractor-trailer performance music...

Logan Mize and Clare Dunn released a brand new music video with a storyline sure to resonate with country-loving truckdrivers. "Get 'Em Together" features Mize and Dunn...

This song is being called ‘the anthem of 2020 for the truckers, the outlaws,...

Automobile movie icon John Schneider is back with an instant hit song for all of you outlaw truckers out there.

Video: Singer James Lee Baker releases ’18-Wheeler (I’m Coming Home)’, an ode to truck...

James Lee Baker recently premiered a new song with lyrics many truck drivers can relate to while out on the road. His song, "18- Wheeler (I'm Coming...

Eric Church drops new song: ‘Bad Mother Trucker’

Eric Church dropped the song of the summer, 'Bad Mother Trucker,' on July 31 and we already know you'll be listening to it out on the road.

This might just be your new favorite trucking tune

Jerry Reed and Red Sovine may be gone, but they probably would've gotten a kick out of the new trucking anthem "It Didn't Fall From the Sky."
Hood Cowboy

Rapper poses in front of Peterbilt, says he got CDL to ‘move cocaine’

A rap artist has shared a new music video featuring tons of semi trucks -- and a questionable message about his supposed reasons for getting into the trucking industry.

U2 rockers Bono and The Edge disclosed as investors in freight-booking startup Convoy

A Silicon Valley-based freight-booking startup announced this morning that U2 band members Bono and The Edge have "invested in the future of trucking by supporting Convoy."
Girl Scout music video reminds truckers not to crash into shark bridge in Enid

Girl Scouts music video reminds truckers not to crash into shark bridge in Enid

A group of helpful Oklahoma Girl Scouts created a music video designed to remind truckers to steer clear of a notorious low clearance "shark" bridge.