Big Smo's "Rebel Road"video

Truck Driver Song: Big Smo’s “Rebel Road”

Listen as "hick hop" artist Big Smo delivers an infectious tribute to "living like a rebel on the road" as a OTR trucker in "Rebel Road." Video Credit: SMOMOTIONTV

Truck Driver Song: Terrance Mathis’s “Truckersville”

Take a listen as the Singing Trucker Terrance Mathis gives Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville" the trucker treatment with "Truckersville"! Video Credit: Terrance Mathis
Brothers Of The Highwayvideo

Truck Driver Songs: Tony Justice’s “Brothers Of The Highway”

If you believe that "the world turns on 18 wheels", take a listen to this track from Tony Justice featuring Aaron Tippin -- "Brothers Of The Highway." Video Credit: BigRig Videos
Alabama Highwayvideo

Truck Driver Songs: Steve Young’s “Alabama Highway”

In honor of the fortieth anniversary of the groundbreaking documentary "Heartworn Highways", which follows the founders of the Outlaw Country movement in 1975, we bring you Steve Young's classic trucking song "Alabama Highway." Video Credit:  lapislazuli42
Naked Woman Dancing On Truckvideo

A Song To Commemorate “The Crazy Naked Lady On A Semi Truck”

Just in case the image of the naked lady dancing on top of a truck in Houston yesterday has not been burned into your retinas forever, this song from Kenny Allen will help you...
Alice Isn't Dead

Podcast Worth Listening To: Alice Isn’t Dead

If you're in search of a new podcast, we have just the thing -- the newly released and already mega-hit story of a lone trucker looking for her lost wife -- "Alice Isn't Dead." "Alice...

Radio Show To Check Out: TalkCDL

We've recently discovered an excellent new radio show that takes a straight-shooting view on all of the biggest topics in the trucking industry -- TalkCDL. TalkCDL: Straight Talk On Trucking The radio show, hosted by Troy Austin,...
Lamb of God Truck Rollover

Truck Hauling Gear For Anthrax, Lamb Of God, Megadeth, Overturns

A truck hauling $1 million worth of equipment for heavy metal bands Anthrax, Megadeth, and Lamb of God overturned in Texas on Sunday. The crash happened around 3 a.m. on I-37 near Mathis when the...
Red Simpson Dies

Legendary Trucking Singer Red Simpson Dies

Red Simpson, singer of classic trucking songs like "(Hello) I'm a Truck" and "Roll Truck Roll" has died at the age of 81. Simpson's major musical accomplishment, according to Rolling Stone magazine, was "giving truckers a voice."...
William Weavervideo

VIDEO: “I’m Rolling”

Don't miss Bill Weaver's excellent new trucking song "I'm Rolling"! Video Credit: William Weaver
Truck Driver's Christmas

MUSIC: “Truck Driver’s Christmas” Captures Bittersweet Holiday Spirit

If you've ever had to be on the road -- and away from your family -- on Christmas, the song "Truck Driver's Christmas" by Johnny Dan is sure to ring true for you. Video Credit: JOHNNY...
Jason Aldean

Concert Postponed: Country Star’s 18 Wheeler In Roll Over Crash

Country star Jason Aldean was forced to postpone tonight's concert after an 18 wheeler carrying his gear rolled near Kamloops, British Columbia this morning. Aldean played Kamloops last night as part of his Burn It...
Awful Lot To Learn About Truck Drivingvideo

Truck Driver Songs: Red Simpson ‘Awful Lot To Learn About Truck Driving’

Pass a couple of miles with Red Simpson's classic trucking song 'Awful Lot To Learn About Truck Driving'! Source: Charles Henry Jr.
Pat Greenvideo

Pat Green’s: “While I Was Away”

Pat Green's new song "While I Was Away" will likely bring a tear to the eye of anyone involved in the trucking industry.
Freymiller Radio

Trucking Company Starts Digital Radio Station For Truckers

Freymiller Trucking has announced the launch of a free nationwide digital radio station delivering audio content designed for truckers.
MUSIC: Pat Green's New Song 'While I Was Away' Will Bring a Tear To Your Eyevideo

MUSIC: Pat Green’s New Song ‘While I Was Away’ Will Bring a Tear To...

Pat Green's new song "While I Was Away" will likely bring a tear to the eye of anyone involved in the trucking industry.
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