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Lady Trucker Plays Music

Lady Trucker Sings of Life on the Road

Lisa Godino finds sweet solace in her truck cab AND playing her unique brand of country soul in venues around the nation.

VIDEO: Upcoming Action DVDs “Haywire”

Gina Carano isn't your average Hollywood starlet. She stars in Steven Soderbergh's newest action thriller, "Haywire."
Trucker Music Heavy Metal CDL Life

Rock Charts: High On Fire “Fertile Green”

Listen to a new track from heavy metal leaders High On Fire from their upcoming album De Vermis Mysteriis. For fans of Black Sabbath, Slayer, and Metallica.
Caffeine Alternatives

Create & Name Your Caffeinated Drink

Flying J truck stops uploaded this fun online app that lets you mix your brew and name it too!
Trucker Wins Big at a Stop

A Pennsylvania Trucker’s Pit Stop Pays Off BIG!

A lucky Pennsylvania tuck driver made a pit stop at a Maryland AC&T store in Washington County and walked away with more than he bargained for. "I was in the right place at the right...
Blackberry Smokevideo

Meet The Musicians At MATS: Blackberry Smoke

Get a look and listen at one of the killer music acts playing the 2012 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY, Blackberry Smoke.
Confrontation Mashupvideo

VIDEO: Confrontation Mashup – 49 Attacks In 120 Seconds

Check out this video mashup of 49 movie action scenes clipped together in 2 minutes.
Blues Brothers Car Chasevideo

John Belushi – Jan 24 1949 – Mar 5 1982

John Belushi would have been 63 today. So we turn to look back at one of his big movies that provided possibly one of the greatest car chases ever captured on film.
Trucker Pets Dogs Photographs

Dogs Photographed While Shaking Their Heads

See some hilarious flash photography of dogs shaking their faces.
Edward Sharpevideo

Rock Charts: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

A big, rag tag group of rock minstrels are taking the heads and hearts of alternative music fans by storm this season. See some home movies set to their hit "Home."
Redbox April

Buy the 2012 Oscars “Best Picture” Nominees

Did you miss the 2012 Oscar nominees while they were in the theaters? You can get a look at them right here!

VIDEO: Volvo’s Pink Lady

A Volvo driver and transportation business owner shows us her custom semi truck she calls The Pink Lady.
18-wheeler falls of a cliff

Bolivia’s Death Road: Semi Teeters on the Side of a Cliff

Bolivia's Death Road: Men try to keep a semi from falling down the steep cliff as it teeters on the edge.
NASCAR Gay Bar Florida

Birthplace of NASCAR Now a Drag Bar

NASCAR's found Bill France probably never envisioned what was to become of the origin of America's most popular racing franchise.
Peterbilt Golf Cart Cruises Down the Street

Peterbilt Golf Cart: A Work of Art

A business in Ohio makes custom big rig golf carts out of the regular 'ol white bread models. Take a look at the specs!
Man shoots himself to test a bullet proof vest

Going Viral: Man Tests Bullet-Proof Vest with Point Blank Shot

This video is causing quite a stir online. A man (of questionable sanity) pumps a bullet into his abs to test his vest.
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