Trick Shot Quarterbackvideo

VIDEO: Trickshot Video Earns Kid A Pro Football Tryout

Alex Tanney knows how to throw. This viral video from late last year earned him a tryout with the Buffalo Bills. You'll know why when you see it.

VIDEO: Not Exactly Catfishing

A shark is perhaps the most deadly thing a boater might expect to encounter. Not so for this group of catfishing boaters.

NASCAR Big Rig Truck Drivers

Get a look at some of the big rigs that get NASCAR teams from race to race, day after day on time. No excuses, no room for error (literally).
GoPro Cliff Jumpvideo

VIDEO: Skier Starts Avalanche – Suicide Jumps Off Cliff

This video features professional skiiers Matthias Giraud and Stefan Laude. The two decided to try to outrun a massive avalanche in the French Alps after they launched off of a cliff side, not exactly knowing what would come next.
Drag Race Go Cartvideo

Video: Golf Cart Drag Racer

A "special" race at the Irwindale, California strip.
King Dome

Satellite TV For Truck Drivers: King Dome AIR

This system has been tested out as the best stationary satellite TV setup for truck drivers. Trouble is, not many truckers can afford it.
Fisherman Croc Surprisevideo

VIDEO: Get This Fisherman A Diaper

Check out this guy's hilarious reaction when his boat gets too close to a gator.

NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl Teams to be Determined Sunday

If you're a fan of the NFL, it probably seems like the football season just started. But, here we are, five months into the season. Both the Wild Card and Divisional rounds of the...
Things Football Coaches Might Sayvideo

VIDEO: Things Football Coaches And Players (Might) Say During Games

Check out this funny video of someone lip reading what NFL players and coaches say on the sidelines and during games.
Hockey Goalie Fight

Video: Hockey Fans Get Ready, The Season Starts Saturday

If you're a fan of hockey, you're probably dying for the season to start. After months of negotiations between players and coaches, both sides came to an agreement to allow the season to begin...
NASCAR Crash Injured Fansvideo

VIDEO: New Footage From NASCAR Final Lap Accident

Horrific videos from NASCAR accident which injured 30 people.

Investigators Searched NASCAR Driver Harmon, Suspected of Stealing From Fellow Driver Cobb

Mike Harmon was searched Tuesday night after being suspected of stealing from fellow NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Jennifer Jo Cobb.

VIDEO: Inside NASCAR Team Driver Dean Mozingo’s Freightliner

This Freightliner Coronado hauls for NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon's #24 car.

VIDEO: WWE’s Mark Henry Makes History, Pulls Two Semi-Trucks 20 Feet

WWE wrestler Mark Henry, aka "The Worlds Strongest Man," shows off his incredible strength by pulling two semi-trucks 20 feet.

VIDEO: Man Becomes First To Cross Grand Canyon On Wire

Aerialist Nick Wallenda crosses the Grand Canyon on a 2-inch thick cable 1,500 feet above the Little Colorado River.

VIDEO: Australian Super Truck Racing Season Begins

Last week marked the beginning of the Australian Super Truck racing season.