VIDEO: Australian Super Truck Racing Season Begins

Last week marked the beginning of the Australian Super Truck racing season.
NASCAR Crash Injured Fansvideo

VIDEO: New Footage From NASCAR Final Lap Accident

Horrific videos from NASCAR accident which injured 30 people.
Moving The Teamvideo

VIDEO: Moving The Team

Check out this awesome footage, following the truck drivers for the Florida Gators football team! - What a cool job!

Let the Madness Begin

They call it March Madness for a reason. The upsets. The buzzer beaters. The games after games after games. It really is madness. Take a look at the Super Bowl. One of the biggest events...
March Madness

March Madness: UConn Wins, Who Won CDL Life Bracket Challenge

Take a look at who won the NCAA 2014 National Championship and see if you finished in the top 5 of our bracket challenge.
March Madness

March Madness: Bracket Busted? Join the Club

So your bracket isn't perfect any more. Don't worry no one's bracket is. Out of the millions of people who filled out brackets for ESPN or for Warren Buffett's Quicken Loans Bracket Challenge, there...
March Madness- Sweet 16

March Madness: Quick Look at Sweet 16

Here is a look at the schedule of games Thursday and Friday (all games are in ET time) Thursday: #11 Dayton vs #10 Stanford @ 7:15 on CBS Well someone has to win this game. So either...

NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl Teams to be Determined Sunday

If you're a fan of the NFL, it probably seems like the football season just started. But, here we are, five months into the season. Both the Wild Card and Divisional rounds of the...

CDLLife March Madness Challenge

Sign up for CDLLife's March Madness bracket competition.
Australia Holden Racing Team Haulvideo

VIDEO: Trucking 3500km Across The Nullarbor

The drivers are hauling $10 million dollars worth of V8 Supercars for the Holden Racing Team in 60-Ton UD trucks on the Nullarbor from Melbourne to Perth!
NASCAR Truck Fire

NASCAR Stock Car Hauler Goes Up In Flames En Route To Race

A truck hauling NASCAR stock cars to the Texas Motor Speedway for Michael Annett caught fire on I-20 in Longview, Texas last night. Truck driver Michael Dennis Smith says that he and a passenger noticed smoke...
NASCAR Race to the Race

NASCAR Truck Drivers “Race To The Race” To Beat Blizzard

In what is being called "The Race To The Race", two truck drivers hauling the No. 78 car to the NASCAR Championship Race in Homestead, Florida are running hard to beat blizzard conditions in Colorado and...
Trick Shot Quarterbackvideo

VIDEO: Trickshot Video Earns Kid A Pro Football Tryout

Alex Tanney knows how to throw. This viral video from late last year earned him a tryout with the Buffalo Bills. You'll know why when you see it.
Fisherman Croc Surprisevideo

VIDEO: Get This Fisherman A Diaper

Check out this guy's hilarious reaction when his boat gets too close to a gator.
Drag Race Go Cartvideo

Video: Golf Cart Drag Racer

A "special" race at the Irwindale, California strip.
Memorable NASCAR Momentsvideo

VIDEO: NASCAR Most Memorable Moments

Revisit some of NASCAR's greatest moments from last season and all time. 3 videos!