VIDEO: Not Exactly Catfishing

A shark is perhaps the most deadly thing a boater might expect to encounter. Not so for this group of catfishing boaters.
Trick Shot Quarterbackvideo

VIDEO: Trickshot Video Earns Kid A Pro Football Tryout

Alex Tanney knows how to throw. This viral video from late last year earned him a tryout with the Buffalo Bills. You'll know why when you see it.
Belly Flopvideo

VIDEO: Witness The World’s Top Belly Floppers

The belly flops, the pain, the horror...the Speedos. Argh!
Beast Mode Kid Wrestlervideo

VIDEO: You Might Want This 7 Year Old On Your Side

This 7 year old has some mad wrestling skills that sometimes defy physics and explanation. We can only wonder what he'll evolve into on the wrestling mat and perhaps the mixed martial arts canvas.
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VIDEO: NASCAR Most Memorable Moments

Revisit some of NASCAR's greatest moments from last season and all time. 3 videos!