Watch as NASCAR haulers enter garage leading up to Daytona 500

Get a good look at NASCAR Cup Series haulers as they enter the garage at the 2022 Daytona 500!
Volvo Sets Semi Speed World Record At 171 MPH

Volvo Sets Semi Speed World Record, Hits 171 MPH

Today Volvo revealed that it's 2400 horsepower semi "Iron Cross" has beaten two world records, pushing the custom truck to speeds of 171 m.p.h during their latest video stunt. Volvo said that the records were...

10 racehorses perish in fiery truck crash on New Jersey Turnpike

New Jersey State Police are investigating a crash that claimed the lives of several racehorses on Sunday.

Racing hauler involved in crash in Texas

A major racing team's hauler was involved in a crash in Texas on Tuesday morning while the vehicle was en route to a weekend racing event.
Old Dominion Driving Jobs

Old Dominion Named Official Carrier Of Major League Baseball

Yesterday Old Dominion Freight Line announced that they were named the "Official Freight Carrier for Major League Baseball." As part of their partnership with the MLB, Old Dominion be putting 30,000 baseball branded trailers on the...