VIDEO: Truck Driver Drifts Into Warehouse

Watch as this Norwegian driver drifts around a corner on a sheet of ice, and then pulls into a warehouse like a boss!

Multiple Pileups in Denver: 1 Dead, Dozens Injured

Multiple pileups claimed the life of one and injured 20 others.
Trucking The Crossroads Of Lifevideo

VIDEO: ‘Trucking On The CrossRoads of Life’ YouTube Series

Check out the YouTube series and tell us what you think.

Undercover Boss Features Mack Truck CEO

During Season 2 (Episode 15) during 2011 CBS's reality series 'Undercover Boss' featured Dennis Slagle - CEO if Mack Trucks. Dennis had just recently come to Mack after Volvo had acquired the company, and...
IRT: Creating A Villain

IRT: The Reality of Reality TV, Creating A Cast of Characters

A former IRT driver describes the reality of reality TV.

Which Is A Better Value, Netflix Or Redbox Instant?

When it comes to the debate about wether to use Netflix or Redbox Instant, it all comes down to getting the most bang for your buck (or two). Find out here which option is best.
New Titles Coming to Netflix Streaming 2013

Coming Soon to Netflix Streaming – March 2013

Netflix Streaming is a great value for your entertainment dollar. Here's what we recommend for March 2013.
New Speed Channel Show

TV: R U Faster Than A Redneck? Premiering Soon

A new Speed Channel show will air this week. Are you going to check it out?
New History Channel Show

TV: Big Rig Bounty Hunters Coming Soon

What do you think of this new reality show?
Duck Dynastyvideo

VIDEO: Duck Dynasty | Roadkill Is A Redneck’s Paycheck

We love Duck Dynasty, and this one always gives us a laugh!
Original Netflix Series House of Cards

First Look: House of Cards, the Netflix Original Series

House of Cards, the new original series from Netflix, accurately imitates Washington by promising a lot and delivering only some.
Streaming Servicesvideo

Buyers Guide: Video Streaming Services For Truckers

Is using a streaming video service worth it for truck drivers? Which ones are the best?
Outback Truckers 2012video

Truck Driver TV Shows: Outback Trucking

Coming soon to the 7Mate satellite TV channel - truck driver life style, minus the hype and drama.
Truck Driver Horror Movies 2012

Top Horror Movies on Netflix Streaming Fall 2012

Stream the best horror movies from your Netflix account. We recommend...
Rescue Me FX Network

Free TV Night: Rescue Me (FX Network)

Check out one of the FX Network's best dramas on CrackleTV.
Big Ass Truckvideo

VIDEO: New Reality Show “Big Ass Trucks”

The reality show for those who are sick of "reality" shows.
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