A&E brings back popular trucking reality show after 6 years off the air

TV channel A&E announced the return of a popular trucking reality show after a several year hiatus. On Friday, October 15, A&E announced that "Shipping Wars" would return...

Old school flier shows how much has changed (and how much has stayed the...

A decades-old flier written in honor of the American truck driver is a stirring reminder of the old school trucking mentality.

Troopers shout out 89 year old truck driver and his ‘dedication to safety’ during...

The North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) took time to give kudos to an old school truck driver and his attention to safety during the International Roadcheck inspection effort.
I-44 Truck Explosion

51 years ago today, a sniper blew up a semi hauling 20 tons of...

Today marks the 49 year anniversary of one of the most explosive moments in trucking history.

These wild trucking pets are a must-see

We all love our furry co-pilots, but some truck drivers have been breaking the stereotypical ‘cat or dog’ mold by going with some far more unique animals as their OTR companions. 

You’ve Never Seen A Truck This Dirty

It's like an episode of Hoarders, but for trucking. Police in the UK pulled over a truck when they noticed that the dash of the truck was so cluttered that the...
Illinois Trooper

A trooper’s story about a broken-down trucker is going viral for the best reason

An Illinois State trooper shared a Facebook post about her heart-warming interaction with a trucker facing mechanical issues.
OTR Sacrifice

Driver breaks down the numbers on OTR trucker’s sacrifice

A truck driver recently went viral with an eye-opening Facebook post detailing just how much time OTR drivers spend away from their families in order to provide Americans with the goods they need to survive.
Trucker Cat

Trucker’s kitty co-pilot featured in sweet video

A trucker shows what life is life over the road with a cat companion in a new video from animal site The Dodo.
Florida Kenworth

Former trucker with dementia gets to relive big rig memories

A Florida Kenworth dealer helped a former truck driver suffering from dementia to relive his days behind the wheel.
I-44 Truck Explosion

49 years ago today, a sniper blew up a semi hauling 20 tons of...

Today marks the 49 year anniversary of one of the most explosive moments in trucking history.
Pilot Truck Driver Appreciation

Video highlights how many things we’d miss without professional truck drivers

For Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Pilot Flying J shared a video asking viewers to imagine what life would be like without the goods brought by truck drivers.

Trucker Makes Sweet Modification For His Wife

A trucker recently shared video of the thoughtful modification he made to his semi truck to make life a little easier for his wife.
9 Million Safe Miles

Truck Driver Honored For Driving An Unbelievable Number Of Safe Miles

A truck driver with a staggering number of safe miles under his belt has been reportedly been recognized by his company for his achievement.
Double Life

Eye-opening video explores the ‘Double Life of a Truck Driver’

A short documentary video gives viewers an intimate look at the hardships of life on the road for the men and women of the trucking community.
Dirty Truck Art

California driver turns dirty trucks into art

A Los Angeles box truck driver was recently featured by the L.A. Times for the unique murals he creates using nothing but the dirt on his truck.