VIDEO: Volvo’s Pink Lady

A Volvo driver and transportation business owner shows us her custom semi truck she calls The Pink Lady.
Big Rig Projection Animationvideo

VIDEO: Projection Animation On A Big Rig

This is one talented visual artist's projection animation project. It's perfectly synced up to a remix of Blur's "Song 2" for an eye-pleasing big rig light show.
Pete Petersonvideo

Trucker Stories: Pete Peterson Talks About A Lifetime of Trucking

Trucker Stories: Pete Peterson talks about his life as a truck driver. He retired at 78 years old and has some interesting things to say about the trucking industry.
Truckin Old Schoolvideo

VIDEO: The History Of Trucking

Have a look at some trucking history photos that help show today's truck drivers how it used to be in the classic days of driving.
CB Radio

CB Slang Becoming A Dying Art

How current are you on your CB terms? Check the list...
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