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Hey Truckers, CDLLIFE wants to help you get to know as many different trucking companies as we can. We had the opportunity to speak with Barr-Nunn Transportation which helped us learn more about who they are as a trucking company.

If you are interested in learning more about Barr-Nunn Transportation then start by reading CDLLife's Q&A with Barr-Nunn Transportation. You can find our Q&A sessions with Barr-Nunn below.

After you have read our Q&A session with Barr-Nunn the next step is to browse Barr-Nunn Transportation's Truck Driving Jobs. If interested in working with Barr-Nunn Transportation you can fill out an application or call them direct by using the links we have provided here.

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Q&A with CDLLife

In a paragraph or two, take some time and tell our readers a little bit about your company. In other words, who are you and what do you do?


Barr-Nunn is a Midwestern based full truckload carrier, serving essentially the eastern half of the United States. We’ve been in business since 1982. Our operating model places safety as the highest priority and in order to achieve our objectives in this area, we must hire and retain the most highly qualified drivers. We know the driver market is exceedingly competitive so this requires that our compensation and benefits package lead the industry. Safe drivers earn more at Barr-Nunn. You’ll see more detail on our website concerning this than any other carrier we know of, since our numbers and performance speak so much for themselves. Another key element is that we operate in a very high service level environment, serving customers where not only safe operations is critically important but so is on time delivery and communication. We excel in these things, because our drivers excel in these things.

In your mind, what makes your company unique from all of the other trucking companies that exist?


Our company is different and comparisons are difficult. We don’t just pay more, our compensation is different. No carrier matches what our safe drivers can earn and how they earn it, in combination with the home time, respect, and newness of equipment that we offer.

With there being so much competition between trucking companies for experienced drivers why should a prospective driver consider working for your company as opposed to all of the other trucking companies that are looking to hire drivers?


If an experienced driver is looking for a company offering integrity, high compensation, industry leading focus on safety, experienced office staff, precise payroll, newer equipment, trailer tracking in addition to satellite communications, innovation in technology use to include a smartphone app, dependable home time, and simply more earnings per week for being away from home, we should be at the top of their list.

What can you tell our readers about the culture of your company?


Since our top focus is safety, that translates directly to the “center of our world” being our drivers. The culture is designed to retain the very best. We measure how much their earnings are each week, comparing to last year to insure their pay check is growing. We measure our home time compliance for our drivers, just as we do on-time delivery for our customers. We expect a lot, but we offer a lot for those ready, willing and able to be part of our ongoing efforts for continuous improvements and lead the industry in safety and service.

Can you share with our reader’s some things that they may not know about you?


We are an independent brand owned by Knight Transportation. This has been the case since 2014. We operate as Barr-Nunn, retaining our identity completely, but with the benefit of a rock-solid financial position and a debt free operating environment.

Most of our readers of very aware of the turnover problem that exists within the trucking industry. Generally, what is your company’s thoughts on driver turnover and what is your company doing to reduce the turnover rate at your organization?


Drivers don’t earn enough for the work they do, and we are striving to set the standard for stronger compensation and lead the industry in this area. We know that money is only one part of it, so we work to control what we can for our drivers. It come’s down to earnings, home time, providing reliable and effective equipment, input into company decisions with a voice that is heard, good two-way communications and in effect treating those in our company with dignity and respect.

What type of freight does your company haul?


We handle mostly service-sensitive freight, some with overnight transits. It is mostly drop and hook and we don’t ask our drivers to touch anything.

What’s the typical running area that your company operates in?


Roughly the eastern half of the United States, excluding Long Island and upper New England.

As best as you can, can you summarize all of the different truck driving jobs that your company is hiring for?


We are seeking driver teams and solo’s and offer home time options, depending on where you live from weekends home, to 10 days out to 18 days out.

Can you provide our readers with general information about how your company compensates drivers that work for you?


We use practical mile pay and have a number of elements of our pay program designed to make our pay package unbeatable for safe drivers. We have a great amount of detail available on our website.

What are your minimum hiring qualifications?


We require drivers to be 23 years of age with 1 full year of recent OTR experience and live within our hiring area.