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Hey Truckers, CDLLIFE wants to help you get to know as many different trucking companies as we can. We had the opportunity to speak with CRST Expedited which helped us learn more about who they are as a trucking company.

If you are interested in learning more about CRST Expedited then start by reading CDLLife's Q&A with CRST Expedited. You can find our Q&A sessions with CRST Expedited below.

After you have read our Q&A session with CRST Expedited the next step is to browse CRST Expedited's Truck Driving Jobs. If interested in working with CRST Expedited you can fill out an application or call them direct by using the links we have provided here.


CRST Expedited Q&A with CDLLIFE

In a paragraph or two, take some time and tell our readers a little bit about your company. In other words, who are you and what do you do?


CRST has been family-owned for more than 50 years. Each driver is a valued and respected member of our team. We are extremely proud of our company’s reputation and believe that our success can be attributed to the professional drivers we employ as well as the excellent staff and management team who cares about our drivers. CRST Expedited is the nation’s largest team carrier and has been recognized as one of the top dry van trucking companies in America. CRST is financially sound and believes in giving our drivers the best training, the newest equipment, and the latest in technology. You’ll get the most miles in the industry, make good money, and receive guaranteed home time.

CRST Expedited, Inc. has opportunities for everyone, including:
• Individuals who need training in order to obtain a Class A CDL
• Recent graduates of accredited trucking schools
• Experienced drivers, trainers (lead drivers)
• Owner-operators, lease-purchase independent contractors
• Experienced drivers who would like to train their spouse or friend

How many terminals does your company have and where are they located at?


CRST has 5 terminals
1.) Riverside, CA
2.) Cedar Rapids, IA
3.) Oklahoma City, OK
4.) Laredo, TX
5.) Carlisle, PA

In your mind, what makes your company unique from all of the other trucking companies that exist?


We offer the industry's longest average length of haul – 1,400 to 1,500 miles! - This means fewer stops and greater pay for our drivers.

With there being so much competition between trucking companies for experienced drivers why should a prospective driver consider working for your company as opposed to all of the other trucking companies that are looking to hire drivers?


At CRST we offer a few unique opportunities for experienced drivers.

1.) The 20/10 program matches three drivers to form a trio that runs the truck constantly. The concept is that each driver is on the road for 20 days straight and then home for 10 days straight. The truck is routed through the terminal or common location every 10 days so that the three drivers can swap out. For example, if you lived in Los Angeles and you were part of a 3-man team in the 20/10 program, you would leave the Riverside, CA terminal and return with your partner in 10 days. Your partner would go home and the 3rd driver would get on the truck with you. The two of you would go out for another 10 days and then return to Riverside. You would then get off the truck for 10 days while the other two drivers continue to run. These drivers receive preferential treatment to keep the truck moving and to ensure they are back in the terminal every 10 days.

2.) If you are an experienced driver with a spouse, relative or friend that wants to learn how to drive a truck ask about our Train Your Partner Program. Your partner can get their CDL training sponsored by CRST while you train them on the road in one of our trucks. We also have a special pay promotion for the Train Your Partner Program.

What can you tell our readers about the culture of your company?


“Gold Rules” encompasses the CRST culture, it emphasizes a corporate culture that centers on meeting all driver needs, which focuses on providing regular driver home time and ensuring all drivers are top priority.

Also at CRST, Safety is #1. It takes precedence over everything, and we want you to know that our priority is not the freight or the equipment. Our priority is your safety and the safety of others on the highway. When you are running cross-country, you will encounter all kinds of situations, which will affect your ability to pick up or deliver a load on time. At CRST, we are so concerned about your safety, that we let you make the decision whether to run or not. If you are tired, if you do not feel well, or if you do not feel safe moving the load, then you can make the decision to get off the road and rest or deal with the problem. At CRST, this is called the Comfort Zone. In short, if you are not in your Comfort Zone, then you can shut down. It’s that simple.

Most of our readers of very aware of the turnover problem that exists within the trucking industry. Generally, what is your company’s thoughts on driver turnover and what is your company doing to reduce the turnover rate at your organization?


We understand turnover within the industry is a constant, at CRST we are focused on attracting and retaining drivers. Our operations team looks for constant feedback from the current fleet by conducting regular driver surveys. We are also working on developing our drivers through coaching, mentoring, and ongoing support. While compensation, time-off and equipment are part of driver satisfaction, they are not the only factors related to employee retention. What is more important is the engagement, advancement, work / life balance and being part of the solution in their daily work routines. Drivers don’t remember what you said; they remember how you made them feel.

What type of equipment does your company operate?


Our fleet consists of mainly of Freightliner tractors. The Freightliners are equipped with Detroit S-60 engines (435 horsepower) coupled with Eaton Straight 10 transmissions, in addition to automatic transmission. All tractors feature top of the line specifications including anti-lock brakes, sky-rise bunks, air ride suspensions, power steering, stereo/cassettes, premium interiors, and Omnitracs satellite communication equipment. CRST Expedited operates its tractors on a 3-year cycle and trades each unit for a new model when it is 36 months old. This means the average tractor is less than 18 months old. Trailers are also quite new. The vast majority of the company’s trailers are Great Dane 53’ dry vans that are less than 3 years old. The result is that CRST Expedited’s combined fleet is one the most modern fleets in the transportation industry.

What type of freight does your company haul?


General commodity (dry van freight). FAK, freight of all kinds. CRST hauls quite a bit of LTL, a lot of our customers are retail.

What is CRST's typical running area?


The Continental U.S.

How does CRST compensate drivers?


Pay is based on the drivers experience level. We pay a CPM. Students start out at .25 CPM, and quickly jump to .30 CPM at 3 months, .33 CPM at 6 months. The payscale tops out at .46 CPM. We run teams at CRST, this means the co-drivers split the weekly miles not the pay.

What are the minimum hiring qualifications?


You must be at least 21 years old.
You must pass a DMV/D.O.T. (Dept. of Transportation) physical and a pre-employment drug screen.
You must have a good driving record and have been licensed in the United States for a minimum of 18 months out of the last 3 YEARS.
All criminal convictions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are all reviewed by management.