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Great Plains Transport Driving Jobs

Truck Driving Jobs

Great Plains Transport recently accounted salary pay for company drivers.

Imagine working for a trucking company that pays salary -- no more pay per mile, no more percent of linehaul -- actual salary!

Truck Driving Jobs

Great Plains Transport is revolutionizing driver treatment.  The company recently made the news for giving its new hires a week's worth of groceries to get them going.

“We know that sometimes the transition from one job to the next can be pretty difficult and times can be tough. We don’t want any of our new drivers to worry about going hungry or worrying about how they’re going to get groceries to fill their fridge,” Tyler Holland, of Great Plains Transport said. “It’s one less thing that they need to worry about before they leave.”

Great Plains Transport Company Driver Benefits Include:

  • Base Salary Starting at $65,000!
  • Bonuses – Up to $1,000 Per Month
  • New Equipment
  • Riders Allowed
  • Paid Vacation
  • Medical, Dental, & Life Insurance
  • 401k With Company Match
  • And more!

Great Plains also hires owner operators. "We are proud to have a diverse workforce with a high ratio of female drivers and employees. With the steady aspects of the transportation industry, we want everyone to have equal opportunity to take advantage of this lucrative career."

Great Plains Transport Owner Operator Benefits

  • 75% Revenue To Truck
  • 100% Of Fuel Surcharge
  • Fleet Fuel Discount Of 15-50 Cents Per Gal.
  • New Trailers
  • Pre-Plan Dispatch
  • 1,300 Mile Average Trip Length
  • 1.23 Average To Truck + Fuel Sc

We welcome owner/operators to our team with fair 85% revenue to truck work and 100% fuel surcharge. Other incentives include:

  • Fleet Fuel Discount
  • New Trailers
  • Pre-Plan Dispatch (most of the time)
  • And more!

Great Plains Transport Diving Jobs 

Great Plains Transport is currently seeking company drivers and owner operators.

Trucking Jobs

Great Plains Transport Reviews
"Great staff, great salary, great trucks. been here 4 years and I don't plan on leaving as long as can continue to drive." Kevin H. - Facebook

"I am currently a owner operator here. I have been here about a month and a half so one might suggest that I need more time for a better evaluation and that would be a fair suggestion so I will update later. As for now I will say so far things are nice. The runs usually 1,000 plus miles and the rates are good for this time of year. I get paid a percentage which in my opinion is the way to go also my fuel discounts are 1,000 times better than any other company I have ever leased with. The office people are all friendly and I believe actually do want to help ME make money not just the company. I have been a truck note payer / owner since Oct. 2006 and driving since Feb. 97'." Michael D. - Facebook

"I have been driving for a little over 16 years. I've been around. I have trained for large companies, run long haul and regional. I have worked for many companies over the years. Some companies, actually most, that I have worked for, I left them in under 90 days. There has always been a good reason in my eyes, no miles, poor maintenance, dispatchers having attitudes, etc.

"I came to Great Plains almost 1 year ago. I went with the Lease Purchase about 4 months ago. Why? I wanted to try once again at buying my own truck. After being a company Driver with Great Plains for 8 months, I saw their high aptitude for maintaining their equipment. I ran great miles as a company Driver and only ever had a few minor issues with dispatch.

"As a lease purchase, it's not about how many miles I run now. It's about the revenue that the load pays the truck. Starting this program, I had my doubts. After loosing everything after trying a Lease Purchase at Knight Transportation. I was with Knight on and off for 4 years. I thought they would have more support for me than they did.

"I came to Great Plains. I had Mike Holland as a friend on Facebook for almost 5 years. He always listened to the issues I was having at one company or another. Finally, he convinced me to make the move to Great Plains. I had my doubts. One major concern I had was I was living in Phoenix, AZ. It would be a long ride home if things did not work out.

"But, I'm happy to say, things have worked out. Yes, I have been irritated with Great Plains a time or two. But those issues have always been discussed and resolved.

"Here is my opinion of Great Plains: They maintain the hell out of thier equipment. They are Pet friendly. They have great miles, lots of long runs. The office staff all the way to the top are friendly people. Although the conversations with some can be very short. The shop personel communicate and listen to the driver. They bend over backwards to make things right. 1 year driving and I have never blown a single tire or been broke down on the side of the road. The truck I am buying from them, in the 4 months I have driven it, has only had minor issues. Very strong truck.

"I'm not looking for another company to move to. PERIOD." Byron M. - Facebook


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